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Apply Spouse Visa Canada 2019?

Spousal Sponsorship canada

 Spousal Sponsorship Canada falls under the Canada Family moving Program that is created to keep loved-ones together  for a happily ever after. The Spousal sponsorship programs are the important highlight of the Canadian migrator. It  allows Canadian Citizen or permanent resident to sponsor their respective partners/spouses for permanent residence in  Canada. Every year tens of migrants apply for Canada Spouse visa and receive the PR status. Therefore, Canadian  Citizens and permanent residents are allowed to sponsor their spouse or common-law partner for migrator to Canada. If  successful,  the sponsored person gets permanent resident status allowing the couple to build their lives in Canada. As  discussed earlier, spouse visa canada Canada process is a part of the Family Class Category-a pathway of welcoming  potential migrants annually.

If you are interested to apply for permanent residency through sponsorship Canada program either as the sponsor or sponsored person there are various factors to consider but most important considerations include: Your civil status Place of living at the time of filing the visa application

Is The Sponsor a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident?

Please note that both the sponsor and sponsored person must be approved by relocator, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) in order for the sponsored person to receive Canadian Permanent Residence.

Spouse Sponsorship Canada Requirements

Canadian Sponsorship Requirements to become sponsor are:

  • Your age must be 18 years and above
  • You must be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident living in Canada, or a person registered in Canada an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act
  • You must be able to provide financial support
  • You must not be receiving any social assistance from the government
  • You must not be convicted of any crime
  • You must not be imprisoned
  • Some other Spouse Visa Canada Requirements to note:
  • If you are residing in Quebec, you must also meet Quebec's additional requirements
  • If you were sponsored earlier by a spouse or partner, you may not be able to sponsor anyone until five years have passed since you became a permanent resident
  • The sponsor is responsible for three years to support the sponsored person financially after he/she becomes a permanent resident

who can Sponsor for Spousal sponsorship?

To be able to apply for Canada Spousal Sponsorship, the sponsor and sponsored person must prove that their relationship qualifies under:

Spouse: A person with whom you are legally married. In Canada, spouse includes both opposite and same-sex relationships.

Common-Law Partner: A person who isn't legally married but has been living with you for at least 12 consecutive months provided there are no long periods apart, or if it was due to family obligations or business travel. In Canada, common-law partner includes both opposite and same-sex relationships.

How long does it take to sponsor a spouse in Canada?

The Spouse Sponsorship Canada Processing time varies according to the application and application. Every visa application submitted under CIC has its own processing time that varies according to the documents submission, number of available places, and funds requirements, etc. However, the general Spousal Visa processing time takes around 10-12 months.

What are the requirements to sponsor your spouse in Canada?

order to become eligible for sponsoring your spouse to apply for spousal sponsorship, you must meet the following essential requirements:

  • You must be a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident holder
  • Your age should be more than 18 years
  • You must be residing in Canada
  • You must be able to support your spouse financially when in Canada
  • You must sign the sponsor application form
How much does it cost to sponsor a spouse to come to Canada?

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada listed the spousal sponsorship fee ($75), the principal applicant processing fee is ($475) and right of permanent residence fee is ($490). The total Canada Spousal Sponsorship fee is $1040.

Can I withdraw my spousal sponsorship?

Yes, you may withdraw your spousal sponsorship but unfortunately, you’ll not be able to receive any refund from the Canadian Immigration Department. The Canadian government will not entertain any refund application. So, if you make your mind to withdraw the application, you’ll lose all the money too.

How can I bring my spouse to Canada?

To bring your spouse to Canada you must be either a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident Holder and after that, the basic requirement is the submission of Spousal Application form that must be duly filled and completed. After getting the positive outcome on your application, the other requirements must be met that includes funds requirements, proof of relationship and should be more than 18 years old.

Spousal sponsor Canada processing time

Canada Spousal Sponsorship Processing time varies according to the individual application forms. Every application submitted has its own process time because of the documents submission, backlog of visa applications and a total number of applications received by the immigration department. Therefore, keeping all these things in mind, the general spousal sponsorship Canada processing time is around 10-12 months.

You may be eligible to sponsor a spouse or a common-law or conjugal partner or dependent children living outside of Canada if:
  • The person you want to sponsor is a member of the family class.
  • You are 18 years of age or older.
  • You are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • You reside in Canada.

Conjugal Partner: A person who is residing outside Canada and has had a binding relationship for at least one year but could not live together for some reason(s). In Canada, the conjugal partner includes both opposite and same-sex relationship.

One more important thing to note is that both spouses and common-law partners can qualify as sponsors meaning you don’t even have to be legally married yet if you can prove that you are in a genuine relationship. Now, you can check here sponsor spouse outside Canada checklist in detail that you can more study about this.

What is The Different Types of Canada's Spousal Sponsorship?

There are different kinds of Canada’s spouse visa canada that you may submit depending upon the visa category in which you are most suitable in:

  • Outland Sponsorship:
    If the sponsored person is living outside of Canada then in such a case the application for permanent residence must be submitted to the visa office that serves his/her country of origin, or where the person has resided legally for at least one year. Leave you r request by using spousal sponsorship Canada application.
  • Inland Sponsorship: If the couple is together in Canada and already has the foreign spouse/common-law partner temporary status either as a worker, student or visitor can apply through Inland Sponsorship. Under this category, the sponsored person may be eligible for an open work permit allowing the applicants to work in Canada while the application is being processed.

Canada Spouse Visa Processing Time

The Inland sponsorship is a pilot program and has been extended since its inaugural in 2014. IRCC announced that this pilot program has been extended to July 31, 2020 meaning that inland applicants can continue to benefit from this work permit.

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