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How to Settle in Canada from India With a Permanent Resident (PR) Visa

Settling in Canada on a permanent basis requires a PR card i.e. Permanent Resident visa card. Canada is an ideal country to obtain a PR and thousands are people are waiting to grab this opportunity to migrate to this beautiful country full of growth and development. Around 300,000 people immigrate to Canada every year and excel in their careers by making an excellent start...

A Canada PR visa offers excellent benefits and the rights to live and work in Canada for an indefinite period while getting benefits of public healthcare and education facilities and eligibility of acquiring citizenship after 3 years of permanent residency. This card serves as a legal proof while travelling abroad as the card holder will be needed to present this before re-entering Canada.

Know About the Multiple Pathways that are Offered by IRCC for Immigration from India to Canada.

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Why Should I settle in Canada With a PR Visa?

Settling in Canada with permanent residency has many advantages:

  • The immigrant can live and work in Canada for an indefinite period of time.
  • You can pick up any course to study after you get permanent residency of Canada.
  • Get access to world class social and healthcare benefits of Canada.
  • Sponsor any of your family members for permanent residency in Canada.
  • Apply for citizenship for Canada.

There are a few restrictions on Canada PR Visa holders such as an immigrant cannot work for a job that require high legal security related to the Canadian government.

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Best Provinces to Settle in Canada With a PR

Canada has many provinces that are excellent in terms of career growth, job opportunities and multi-cultural communities living peacefully. Most of these provinces nominate immigrants individually and offer many programs that serve as appropriate pathways to obtain a Canada PR visa.

A candidate can apply for immigration in these provinces which are considered to be the most ideal ones such as:

  • Alberta PNP program
  • British Columbia PNP
  • Manitoba PNP
  • Nova Scotia PNP
  • Ontario PNP
  • Saskatchewan PNP

Every program follows a different procedure and it depends upon person to person, which candidate may be more appropriate.

How Do I Settle in Canada Permanently?

The process for immigration to Canadais simple and transparent. it is an online, point-based process which evaluates the application according to the candidate’s credential factors such as age, education, language ability, work experience, skills, and adaptability to overseas.

The first step that you must undertake is to create an online profile of yourself. Next, you need to apply online for Canadian permanent residency under one of the following systems;

  • Express Entry System – launched in 2015, this system is one of the most favourite programs used for Canadian immigration. Express Entry System is an online point-based program which evaluates the candidates according to their Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) on the factors of age, education, work experience, language, and adaptability etc. Calculate your Express Entry Points)
  • Quebec Skilled Workers Programme - The Government of Quebec encourages skilled migrants, under the programme, to come and settle in this province. Quebec is one of the most industrialized and high skilled zones in the entire North America. It is expected that in 2018, more than 1,40,000 new jobs would be created in this province and to plug this deficit, more number of immigrants is needed.

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  • Provincial Nominee Programmes (PNPs) of various provinces - The provinces of Canada holds the right to nominate immigrants individually. These programs are closely aligned with the IRCC of Canada. Those candidates with insufficient CRS score as required by Express Entry usually opt for PNP by finding the most suitable PNP method.
  • Find the most appropriate PNP method and check your eligibility fort the same.

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How to Settle Permanently in Canada?

Applicants wanting to live permanently in Canada can apply for the Visa under either of the below mentioned programmes:

  • The Federal Express Entry Programme which is Canadian Government administered. This programme is a Point based System that evaluates skills and other criteria of the applicants and selects the most qualified ones. Please visit our Express Entry System page to know more about this programme.
  • The Quebec Skilled Worker Programme is administered by the Quebec province and is very popular among potential immigrants to Canada. Unlike the Express Entry system, this programme is limited to people who want to live and work in Quebec only.

If you are a non-Canadian student studying in Canada and wanting to settle there then read on.

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How to Settle in Canada After Study?

In January 2106, the Canadian Government set up a set of rules for international students wishing to apply for Canada PR under the Express Entry System. Under these rules, a student wishing to apply for permanent residency in Canada has to compete with other applicants under the Express Entry System. This means that the applications of international students graduating from a Canadian University are bunched together with those of other prospective immigrants. All the applications are collectively appraised under the Comprehensive Ranking System and the selected ones are sent Invitation to Apply letters. Those who get the ITA letters are encouraged to apply for Canada PR. Please meet our counselors to understand more about this subject.

It is also important for an applicant to find a job in Canada after he has got a Canada PR Visa.

How to Settle in Canada and Find a Job?

Canada attracts huge number of migrants in the country annually. The People who is in search of work, quality education, business opportunity, job opportunity etc. If you wish to settle in Canada then you need to apply for the PR Visa and the express entry is the most fastest and popular way to migrate to Canada and get PR.

Meanwhile you need to redesign your Resume as well as Cover letter in Canadian way and register yourself in all job portals in Canada so that you be in touch with Employers there.

In Canada, there are many Immigrant Serving Organizations (ISOs). Immigrant-serving organizations are an excellent place to go for all your settlement needs, including recommendations on different places where you can make community connections. These ISOs also provide help to the immigrants in finding new jobs. You can also use the following resources to find jobs;

Consult With Different Recruitment Consultancies.

  • Registering on job portals
  • Using your network of friends etc to find a job in Canada.
  • Approaching companies directly for jobs
  • Explore Canadian Government job portal

If you got any job opportunity there, that will also help you getting your PR faster. You can also take Aptech Global Immigration help to find a job in Canada and they will assist you the right way to get a job.

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Money Needed to Settle in Canada on Permanent Resident Visa

Proof of funds is required to convince the authorities that yes you can support your family in Canada. But it will not be mandatory if you have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer. The amount which you need to show depends purely upon to the size of your family like how many members are there in the family.

You can show funds in the form of your savings in your Savings account, Current account, PPF account, FD, Mutual Funds. You can show maximum 30 percent of the total amount required for number of people going in your PF account.

Note: The minimum amount would be around 7 lacs and maximum depends upon the family size.

How Much Cost Required to Apply Directly for a Permanent Residency Card for Canada from India?

The cost of the Canada PR Visa is depend on the type of visa you are applying for!!!

For every process of Canada PR, there is a fee which you have to pay. For every Canada Immigration program there is a fix amount to be charged by the Canada High Commission. Therefore, depending on your program category you will be charged as follows:

  • For Primary Applicant – CAD $550 (INR 26,195)
  • Spouse/Partner – CAD $550 (INR 26,195)
  • Per Child (below 22 years) – CAD $150 (INR 7,144)INR are converted as per today conversation rate, it may differ

So , after doing the sum of the all charges the approximate total cost to get a Canada PR through from consultancy from India will come up to ~ 1.5 Lac.

Another way to live in Canada without much money is to apply for graduate courses that pay you Teaching Assistantships while pursuing your Graduate programmes. Please check the counselors at Aptech Global Immigration to know more on this subject.

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How to Settle in Canada With Permanent Residency Visa from India?

Undertake the following steps;

  • Identify the most appropriate visa program.
  • Take the IELTS and French proficiency tests. English and French are the two official languages of Canada.
  • Create your online profile and apply for getting an ITA.
  • In the meantime, organize your documents like health and character certificates, educational and job related documents etc.
  • On receiving an ITA, apply for the Canada Permanent Residency visa.
  • Important- Please consult your immigration advisor for accurate and relevant information on this subject.

How to Settle in Canada With Family?

To settle down in Canada, first of all you need to file your application under Federal Skilled Worker Program- Express Entry. It is an electronic, time saving and advanced technology and after filing express entry you need to arrange your all relevant documents including our settlement funds according to the family members. If the express entry cut off conducted according to your CRS, then we can directly file PR after receiving an ITA with all the documents of each family member. After filing PR we need to wait for revert from CIC.

Funds, Jobs, accommodation, education, these are the features with the help of which one can settle down in Canada.The visa fees for dependants vary on a case to case basis. For example, the visa fee of a dependant more than 18 years of age is different from a younger applicant.

It is always better to speak with your immigration consultant and the Canadian High Commission to choose the right programme while applying for permanent residency in Canada
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