Introduction to Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

There are numbers of opportunities waiting for you in Saskatchewan Immigration 2017. Saskatchewan is a praised province which is located in western Canada. Saskatchewan is known for its development. Immigrants say working and living there is a wonderful experience.

With a record of economic growth, an increasing population and one of the lowest unemployment rates in Canada, Saskatchewan is a province of opportunity. We have welcomed immigrants from 180 countries in more than 330 communities across Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan is a land of natural beauty and economic opportunity. Most of all, we have warm and friendly communities that are welcoming you home.

Saskatchewan immigrant nominee program 2017


The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) offers you an alternate and a quicker way to immigrate to Canada. If you are looking forward to immigrate to Saskatchewan, first you should know about the program criteria. Saskatchewan:

  • Invites residency applications from non-Canadians who want to make Saskatchewan their home.
  • Nominates successful applicants to the federal government, so they can gain permanent residency in Canada.

The SINP is only one of the steps toward becoming a permanent resident in Saskatchewan

sinp occupations in demand


There is a choice of many SINP categories under which you may apply to. You will also have to complete requirements of individual category.

If you belief that seems you are eligible , you may apply but we would like to recommend first be sure & accurate so take get assessment / evaluation of your profile and get complete accurate expertise advice Today.

Sinp occupations in demand


There are few factors in which a candidate has to meet. Your profile will include your age, education, work experience and language proficiency. You have to show your positive intention to settling in Canada whenever asked by the authorities.

Key Credential Requirements:

Saskatchewan processing time


Processing time can change at any time. Most of the applicants get approval from the SINP within 4 months. However, it is totally depend on the registrant’s profile of nomination.

These processing times are an average based on the past quarter (or three months)

sinp points calculator


The following demand list makes you enable to qualify as a worker in Saskatchewan. If you have experience in anyone of the following list, immigration to Saskatchewan may be easier for you. The NOC stands for National Occupation Classification, this list is made by the Federal government and Saskatchewan government on the basis of provincial occupational requirements. See whether or not you match with the skill level (0,A,B) required in a specific occupation.

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What is Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)?

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) offers you an alternate and a quicker way to immigrate to Canada. Through this program a candidate can submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) and get invitation from Saskatchewan to apply for Permanent Residency status.

The skilled workers, international graduates, international skilled workers can apply for SINP program. This program is one of the fastest Canada immigration programs which nominates candidates from around the globe under federal government of Canada. SINP offers fast processing time compared to other PNP programs.

Am Eligible for Saskatchewan Immigration

How to Apply

Saskatchewan offers a of choice three SINP categories that you may observe to: There is a desire of 3 SINP classes you can follow to. You can even have to finish the federal software paperwork on the equal time.

  • International Skilled Worker Category is for professional employees overseas who want to paintings and stay in Saskatchewan.
  • Saskatchewan Experience Category is for foreign nationals who are currently residing and operating in Saskatchewan.
  • Entrepreneur Category is for marketers who plan to begin a business in Saskatchewan.
  • Farm Category is for skilled farmers who plan to shop for and operate a farm in Saskatchewan

Note: How to get job in Saskatchewan?

International Skilled Worker Category

Through this category, the SINP can nominate skilled people who want to stay and paintings in Saskatchewan. You'll need to satisfy the SINP criteria and have factors that will help you settle efficaciously in Saskatchewan, consisting of however no longer restrained to: training, skilled work experience, and English or French Language proficiency.

  • International Skilled Worker: Occupation In-Demand
  • International Skilled Worker: Saskatchewan Express Entry
  • International Skilled Worker: Employment Offer

International Skilled Worker - Occupations In-Demand

This sub-category is for highly skilled workers with experience in an in-demand occupation in Saskatchewan, who do not yet have a job Offer in the province.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

  • In order to be eligible under the Occupations In-Demand sub-category, applicants must: Have proof of legal status,
  • Have a minimum language score of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 4;
  • Have completed at least one year of post-secondary education or training comparable to the Canadian education system;
  • Have at least one-year of paid work experience in the past ten years related to their field of education or training, in a highly-skilled occupation (NOC 0, A, or B) that is considered to be in-demand in Saskatchewan
  • Obtain proof of eligibility for Saskatchewan licensure if their profession is regulated in Saskatchewan and requires mandatory (compulsory) certification or licensing;
  • Have proof of settlement funds and a settlement plan; and
  • Score a minimum of 60 points out of 100

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Do I need to meet the eligibility requirements of federal immigration classes? +

No. SINP’s eligibility criteria will be used to assess your application. You will, however, be subject to the federal government’s health, security and criminality reviews, and could be asked to supply additional information to CIC.
In some cases, individuals may be approved under Saskatchewan’s criteria that would be refused under federal immigration classes.

Do I need to get my trade or profession credentials recognized in Saskatchewan before applying to the SINP as a Skilled Worker/Professional applicant? +

You must provide documented proof of your education, training, occupational credentials and/or work experience that show you can become eligible to work in your occupation in Saskatchewan after your arrival. If necessary, SINP program officers may ask you to have your credentials reviewed by a qualification assessment organization or the regulatory body responsible for your occupation in Saskatchewan.

International Skilled Worker - Saskatchewan Express Entry

This sub-category is for skilled workers with experience in an in-demand occupation in Saskatchewan and who are already in Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada's (IRCC) Express Entry pool. and who have the necessary education, skilled work experience, language ability, and other factors to help them settle successfully and integrate into Saskatchewan’s labour market and communities.

International Skilled Worker - Employment Offer

This sub-category is for professional employees with a professional process provide from a Saskatchewan company.

You may also qualify for this sub-category in case you stay out of doors Canada or have proof of criminal reputation in Canada, are not a refugee claimant and:

  • Score at the very least 60 factors out of a hundred at the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) factor assessment grid;
  • Have as a minimum one-year work experience in the previous ten years in the related job occupation.
  • Have a language rating of as a minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) four.
  • Show proof of eligibility for Saskatchewan licensure, in case your related occupation is in a regulated profession or obligatory apprenticeship trade;
  • Offer of PR, full-time employment in Saskatchewan. You’ll required a valid SINP Job Approval Letter to expose evidence of this. There’s no specific list of jobs, however your provide is required to be in an occupation within the National Occupational Classification (NOC) Matrix degree "A", "B" or "zero", or in a delegated trade in Saskatchewan.
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Where do I submit the SINP application? +

The address can be found on the SINP application forms for each of the three categories.

Am I required to get a medical check done? +

Yes. If you are nominated under the SINP, you will receive instructions from the Canadian visa office on how to get medical examinations done for you and your family members.


You may apply under the Saskatchewan Express Entry Category if you live outside of Canada or you have proof of legal status in Canada and you meet the following criteria:

  1. Have been accepted into CIC’s Express Entry pool
  2. Score a minimum of 60 points on the SINP point assessment grid
  3. Provide language test results from a designated testing agency
  4. Have completed a minimum of one year of post-secondary education
  5. Have a minimum level of work experience related to your field of education or training
  6. Work experience is in a high skilled occupation NOC “0”, “A” or “B”
  7. Have proof of eligibility for Saskatchewan licensure
  8. Have proof of settlement funds and a settlement plan
Check Your Eligibility

Check Application Processing Time

The SINP processing time data is up to date each zone (every 3 months). It suggests the time it has taken to technique a utility after Saskatchewan receives an entire application package deal in the most current sector. This time is measured in months for every category. Processing times can alternate at any time.

However our goal is to technique all International Skilled Worker and Saskatchewan Experience programs within 3- four months. However explicit entry circulate programs are having quicker processing Time as a comparatively to career in Demand

In order to technique an utility, make certain you are eligible and you made a decision to seize such marvel possibility in your own family we ought to have all records and supporting documents.

Know More About Processing Time

How long will it take to get a visa under the SINP? +

Processing times vary, however, successful SINP applications typically receive visas considerably quicker than individuals applying through federal immigration classes. In the first two years of operating the SINP, the average time from making the SINP application to receiving a visa was about 3-4 months.

I am eager to move as soon as possible. When should I make arrangements to move to Saskatchewan? +

Applicants should not make arrangements to move from their current country of residence (e.g. quitting their job, selling their house or business) until they are notified by Citizenship and Immigration Canada that a visa is being issued to them.

Saskatchewan Point Calculator / Saskatchewan Point System

International Skilled Worker: Points Assessment Grid

A minimum score of 60 points out of 100 is needed to apply under an SINP International Skilled Worker (ISW) sub-category.

The following areas are used to determine whether you qualify for an International Skilled Worker sub-category. Points that you claim will be confirmed using your submitted documents. You may only claim points once for each section.

Please view the “Required Documents” section for your sub-category to see a list of all documents needed to support your points assessment.

Master’s or Doctorate degree
University Bachelor’s Degree (minimum 3 year program)
Trade Certification (equivalent to Saskatchewan journey person and approved by the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trades Certification Commission) 
Degree, diploma or certificate (minimum 2 year program)  15

Degree, diploma or certificate (minimum 1 year program of study, or equivalent to a trade certificate.

     a) In the 5 year period prior to application submission date
5 years
4 years
3 years
2 years
1 year
     b) In the 6-10 year period prior to application submission date
5 years
4 years
3 years
2 years
Less than 1 year
TEF scores to CLB 4 through 10
CLB 8 and higher
English or French speaker without language test results
D: AGE Points
 < 18 years
 18 – 21 years
 22 – 34 years
 35 – 45 years
 46 – 50 years
 > 50 years

Points are available for having a strong connection to the Saskatchewan labour market, which shows a genuine intent and ability to successfully settle and economically establish in Saskatchewan as a permanent resident. 
High skilled employment offer from a Saskatchewan employer
Close family relative in Saskatchewan
(The applicant or accompanying spouse has a family relative that is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident living in Saskatchewan. This includes: parent, sibling, grandparent, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, cousin and step-family members or in-laws of the same relationships. The family members in Saskatchewan must meet the requirements as listed under “Required Documents” for your ISW sub-category)
Past work experience in Saskatchewan
(A minimum of at least 12 months of work in the past five years on a valid work permit)
Past student experience in Saskatchewan
(A minimum of one full-time academic year of study at a recognized Saskatchewan post-secondary education institution on a valid study permit)

Maximum Number of SINP Applications

  • The International Skilled Worker – Employment Offer sub-category is accepting applications.
  • The International Skilled Worker – Occupations In-Demand sub-category is closed to applications at this time.
  • The International Skilled Worker – Saskatchewan Express Entry sub-category is closed to applications at this time.

The federal government sets the number of nominations the SINP can make every year. To ensure program efficiency, the SINP accepts a maximum number of applications each year. When the application threshold is opened to new applications, applicants are invited to apply.

The table below is updated quarterly or when an application threshold is met. When each maximum is reached, the website will be updated immediately and no further applications will be accepted in that category

Application Intake Thresholds as of April 3, 2017

International Skilled Workers
SINP Category Maximum number of applications Number of applications currently being accepted
With an Employment Offer 5,000 4,598
Express Entry 1,700 500
Occupations In-Demand 3,000 750

Assess Your Eligibility

Are you planning to migrate Canada, Don’t wait & Don’t be delay, Check you eligibility through Free Assessment to determine if you are eligible to apply under an International Skilled Worker sub-category

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SINP In-Demand Occupation List

'Saskatchewan Express Entry/ occupation in demand Immigration category will reopen shortly' It is very fastest way to immigrate Canada and allowing new Canada permanent residents having ability to settle here and get themselves established economically.
The announcement was made on 14th February, 2017.
It may be noted that due to being highly popular, this immigration sub-category is quite likely to get filled with its total intake within a couple of hours.

Check your occupation is also listed

NOC Occupation Skill Level Mandatory / (compulsory) / certification or licensing
Mandatory certification
0423 Managers in Social, Community and Correctional Services 0 No
0513 Recreation, Sports and Fitness Program and Service Directors 0 No
0714 Facility Operation and Maintenance Managers 0 No
0821 Managers in Agriculture 0 No
1252 Health Information Management Occupations B No
2161 Mathematicians, Statisticians and Actuaries A No
2221 Biological Technologists and Technicians B No
2225 Landscape and Horticulture Technicians and Specialists B No
2231 Civil Engineering Technologists and Technicians B No
2232 Mechanical Engineering Technologists and Technicians B No
2244 Aircraft Instrument, Electrical and Avionics Mechanics, Technicians and Inspectors B No
2253 Drafting Technologists and Technicians B No
2255 Technical Occupations in Geomantic and Meteorology B No
7253 Gas Fitters B No
7312 Heavy-duty Equipment Mechanics B No
7321 Automotive Service Technicians, Truck and Bus Mechanics and Mechanical Repairers B No
7332 Appliance Servicers and Repairers B No

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Benefits of Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

You can apply to the SINP if you think that you just meet the program criteria. Make sure to complete correct applications and supply valid documentation.

  • Every year, the SINP accepts a most range of candidates in every class. This helps build the program additional economical.
  • Competitive application process times,
  • Application time interval is quicker than Federal trained worker Visa
  • Canadian province settle for application at four.5 Bands.
  • The govt. of Canadian province makes the final word call on SINP nominations

How to apply Saskatchewan immigration Nomination Program

  • Get ‘Free Assessment Form’ today to induce to grasp, square measure you qualifying as per directions / needs of application. Thus check you eligibility by filling our Free Assessment type it contains all the data ought to prepare your application.
  • ensure apply before quota reached. Thus don’t get delay begin these days.
  • Begin your immigration journey these days for a close description; please contact our immigration skilled to induce professionally recommendation on your petition which will sure as shooting increase likelihood of choice.
  • Complete the desired provincial and federal forms and the other federal forms that apply to your scenario.
  • Review and organize your completed forms and supporting documents to make sure you have got a whole application package.
  • We are going to save your precious times thus you'll be able to provide time to our admired ones / members of the family and might celebrate each moment of your live and that we will submit your application at intervals time line before quota reached.

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I wish to immigrate to Canada and am willing to invest in a business in Saskatchewan. Am I eligible under the SINP Business category? +

Business applicants must show they intend to manage and operate a business in Saskatchewan, not just invest in it, and that they will live in Saskatchewan. Passive investments, that is, investment in a business without ongoing management responsibilities, are not eligible. Individuals wishing to immigrate as passive investors may apply under the federal Immigrant Investor Program administered by CIC.

Saskatchewan Immigrants Nomination Program FAQ

Will I be interviewed by a federal immigration officer? +

This is unlikely.

Will background checks be done on me? +

Yes. SINP nominees and their adult family members undergo security and criminality screening by CIC, as do all other immigrants to Canada. This will occur when your nomination is forwarded to the federal government by Saskatchewan Immigration Branch.

I have applied for refugee status in Canada. Can I also apply to the SINP? +

No. The SINP will not process any applications for individuals who are applying in any other immigration category, including a refugee claim.

I am working in Saskatchewan on a Temporary Work Authorization and may qualify in a SINP category. Could I be considered under the SINP? +


What financial assets do I need under the SINP? +

This varies between the three SINP categories: so contact our immigration expert for accurate and professional guidance.

  • There are no financial requirements under the SINP Skilled Worker/Professional category but federal guidelines recommend that immigrants arrive with a minimum of $10,000 plus $2,000 for each dependent, or some other source of financial support in Canada.
  • Business applicants should have financial resources appropriate for their business plans in Saskatchewan.
  • Farmers are asked to prove a net worth of $500,000 (Can.)

If you are not sure that you qualify or not for immigration to Canada, Please feel free to contact us or Email your CV with any questions & complete your free assessment.

Can a Provincial Nominee of Saskatchewan Move to Another Province? +

According to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, every person who has the status of permanent resident in Canada has the right to move to take up residence in any province; and to pursue the gaining of a livelihood in any province as well. But the purpose of the provincial nominee program was for provinces to be able to attract more people who can make an immediate economic contribution to the province and of course, they want their nominees to stay permanently in their province.

Personally, I encourage my clients to stay in the province that nominated them for as long as they can. That is just me coming from a culture where debt of gratitude is very important. Based on the charter of rights and freedoms, you should be free to move.

However, provincial authorities are starting to go after nominees who leave their province right after their nomination. They go after these nominees for misrepresentation. You see, when you applied to get nominated, you’ve expressed every intention to live permanently in the province who will be nominating you. By moving to another province right after you get your immigrant status, your intentions may be questioned.

Here are a few things that I suggest you do before you decide to leave the province that nominated you:

  • Actively look for other jobs within the same province.
  • Properly document your job hunting activities including the results for each job that you applied for.
  • Exhaust all means of finding employment inside the province.

If you don’t get job offers or if you’re offered a job but the offer you’re getting out of the province is for a higher position and for a significantly higher pay, then your move is justified.

What wouldn’t make sense is if you move to a work in another province that’s at the same level that you were should you have stayed.

Do what I’ve suggested and you’ll have the peace of mind that when you move, your PR status will be safe. AND you’ll have the peace of mind that you did your best to honor your undertaking under the Provincial Nominee Program.

Apply for your PNP Program through the passionate team of immigration experts, Aptech Visa provides its client best support and assistance to secure their PR Visa. You may take help of the specialists at Aptech Visa on Contact No:011-47020730/ 8447153819 (Delhi) or mail at: and you may also fill the ‘free Assessment form’ to get call back from the Aptech Visa’s Immigration Specialists.


Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program


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