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Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Quebec Skilled Worker Program is the popular immigration program initiated by the Canadian Federal government and Quebec government. QSWP (Quebec Skilled Worker Program 2017 ) enables highly skilled, educated and trained foreign workers who can contribute in the Quebec economy and community. Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) has different methods, rules and process as compared to other Canadian PNP programs..

As QSWP has different selecting criteria, you need to be aware by its selecting process and requirements. It is mandatory to get a Quebec selection certificate only after that one can apply for permanent residency status in Quebec. If you want to enjoy the beautiful life offered by Quebec’s provincial government, you fist meet with the all eligibility criteria of the program.

Mon Projet Québec
For making the Quebec immigration program secure, the provincial government has started Mon Projet Quebec which allows a candidate to submit their application online for a CSQ(Quebec Selection Certificate or Certificat de sélection du Québec) with a secure space and make online fee payment.

Note: A job offer for QSWP is not a mandatory requirement. You can immigrate to Quebec, Canada without a job offer through various methods and programs. Contact your immigration expert today for further enquiry.

Benefits of Quebec Immigration

Quebec has a tremendous living and working exposure in the province, an immigration will be privileged by the following benefits:

  • A better environment, culture and society to raise your family
  • Avail social and health care benefits from Quebec government
  • Family protection under the same law (like Quebec citizens)
  • Multiple employment benefits
  • Easy policy on getting Permanent Residency (PR)
  • Faster route for eligible candidates
  • Well maintained and developed province with pollution-free tag

Quebec Immigration Requirements

In order to get the permanent residency status in Quebec, a candidate first need to meet with the eligibility criteria set by the provincial government. Quebec Skilled Worker Program has following requirements:

  • Your age must not be less than 18 years
  • Have sufficient language proficiency not less than CLB 5
  • A job offer letter from the Quebec employer
  • Sufficient work experience either full-time or part time in the applied occupation in the past 5 years
  • You must have relevant diploma, certificate, degree
  • Enough funds to settle in Quebec
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Language Requirement/IELTS Requirements

"French and English are two official languages of Quebec and French language is widely used in Quebec." It is mandatory for every applicant to show/prove its language proficiency while applying for Quebec immigration. You are required to get minimum score in either English or French language. The most popular and common language exam for English language is International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and for French language Test d’évaluation du français (TEF) or Diplôme d’études en langue française (DELF). All language test results cannot be older than 24 months from the date of application submission.

Category Minimum IELTS Score Minimum TEFScore
Reading 6 207-232
Listening 6 249-279
Speaking 6 310-348
Writing 6 310-348
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Funds Required For Quebec Immigration

If you are applying for Quebec immigration alone or along with family, you are required to show sufficient funds to settle down and support your family in Quebec. Government of Quebec will sign a contract with you for having funds for the initial 3 months of your arrival with or without family. Following is table which shows the amount of required funds according to the number of members.

Number of Family members Required Funds
1 adult $3,016
1 adult and 1 child (under 18 years old) $4,052
1 adult and 2 children (under 18 years old) $4,574
1 adult and 3 children (under 18 years old) $5,096
1 adult and more than 3 children under 18 years old $522 per child
1 adult and 1 child (or more) 18 years old or older $1,406 per child
2 adults $4,222
2 adults and 1 child (under 18 years old) $4,954
2 adults and 2 children (under 18 years old) $5,347
2 adults and 3 children (under 18 years old) $5,739
2 adults and more than 3 children under 18 years old $393 per child
2 adults and 1 child (or more) 18 years old or older $1,406 per child

If you want any further help about your funds, you can take help our immigration expertise or send your query here

Documents Checklist for QSWP

While applying for Quebec Skilled Worker Program, a candidate is required to submit all the documents related to the immigration process at the time of application submission. Quebec government may also ask to provide any document at any time. So, you must prepare all the relevant documents of QSWP. Here, we have prepared a list of required documents which will help you as well as what are the forms you have to fill and submit to CIC or Quebec government.

Identity and Civil Status Documents: You must provide those documents which prove that you are a citizen of your native county and have a legal resident status in the country. The documents which can prove your status are birth certificate, marriage certificate, ID Cards like voter ID, PAN Card, etc.

Occupational Background/Work Experience: Documents which prove that youare having work experience in the relevant occupation in the last 10 years since the age of 18.

Travelling: A candidate must have valid and legal travelling documents. You should have a visa and passport in which date of validity, expiry, date of issue. The travelling documents must prove that you are eligible for immigration.

Proof of Language Proficiency: You must provide your language proficiency proof. Your language proficiency must fulfil the employer requirement. The language proficiency certificate should not older than 24 months at the time of applying.

Children Certificate: A candidate must provide child birth documents, legal documents showing the birth date, name and parents name with authorised signature or stamp.

Police Clearance Certificate: It is one of the important certificates you have to submit. You must verified by the police by clearing that no crime has been done by you and the certificate should not be older than 6 months. Your latest photographs
Other required documents

Notes: if you are not fulfill the above documents criteria or don not want any type of rejection in your profile , You Can take proper guidence before submit your documents -Help desk ?

Is French Mandatory for Quebec Immigration?

Many of the aspirant were willing to apply for Quebec immigration but due to lack of French language they were unable to apply for Quebec’s immigration program. On a very serious note the government of Quebec came to the conclusion in which they removed that section in which French language was compulsory. If you only know the English language than there is no need to worry you can apply for Quebec immigration but you will get less score for English language proficiency as compared to French language. However, if you have a good command in English as well as in French then there will be score adding factor for your.

How to Increase Language Score

Quebec Immigration Process Steps

Your way to Quebec will be processed at two different stages.

Stage 1: Selection through QSWP program
In the first stage, you need to apply for your desired Quebec immigration program i.e. QSWP. At this stage you have to submit your form and all the relevant documents as mentioned above. Quebec provincial government will check and verify your all documents. They may ask to provide addition documents or ask you to show original one.

Stage 2: Apply for Permanent Resident Visa/Status in Canada
After the completion of stage 1, you will receive a nomination certificate Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) from Quebec government to come to Quebec and you can live there along with your family. Your next step would be to apply for permanent resident visa which will allow you to live and work in Quebec. The Permanent Resident Visa will be issued by the federal government of Canada. You and your family members have to fulfil the required eligibility criteria of permanent residency. Submit all the documents as well as pay the immigration amount to them.

Quebec Immigration Point Calculator

Quebec Immigration Point Calculator is a calculator used to calculate the points obtained by a candidate in his/her each credentials. For every entry your profile will get scored according to the allocated point. Point calculator enables Quebec government to select a candidate, high scored candidates are chosen by the provincial government.

Vist the Quebec points Calculator page, On the basis of points your profile will get score..


Points Required for Quebec Immigration

The candidates are assessed on the basis of above mentioned criteria/factors to qualify Quebec Skilled Worker Program. If you want to get a CSQ Quebec nomination certificate, you must score at least 50 if you are single , if you are planning to migrate to Quebec along with your partner/spouse or common-law partner then you must score at least 59.

Quebec High Demand Occupation List

Quebec has a high demand of professionals with high qualifications, skills and experience. A potential candidate can apply for high demand occupation so that Quebec employer can hire them as soon as possible. Visit here for the list of Quebec skilled worker demand list.

Quebec Immigration (QSWP) Processing Time

Processing time depends on many phases, initially the Quebec government will verify your documents, and they may ask you to provide additional documents. Processing time also varies from country to country. Quebec government may require to conduct an interview of you and your family. Also, on every single opening Quebec receives a huge response from different country and thousands of people apply for their immigration program. Therefore, processing time totally depends to their process and methods. Below is average time taken by the Quebec government.

  • Verification of Documents – Up to 41 Months
  • Preliminary Review – 1 to 3 Months
  • Selection Review – 1 to 9 Months

Note: The above mentioned processing time is based on average. Processing time varies from profile to profile.

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Quebec Immigration New Rules 2018

Quebec Government quite often updates its rules and regulations from time to time. The following are the recent changes in Quebec immigration rules:
March 30, 2017: The Quebec government applied new changes for issuing the Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ – Québec selection certificate) selecting the maximum number of candidates will be effective from April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2017.

Quebec Government has allotted the quota for its immigration program, a total of 5000 application will be issued CSQ under the Regular Skilled Worker Program. Date will be announced soon for this.

How to apply for Quebec Immigration (Skilled Worker Program) India 2018

Quebec Immigration is a bilateral program run by Quebec Government and Federal government both. First, you need to apply to Quebec government as per their rules and immigration policy, after that you can apply for permanent resident visa to CIC.

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