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Introduction TO ONTARIO - Ontario PNP Program 2017

Ontario is one of the most popular provinces of Canada in employment. Through Ontario PNP program the skilled and talented aspirant can make his/her new home in Ontario. Ontario is the second-largest province of Canada. The atmospheric condition of Ontario is very famous....

What Is Ontario Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)2017 ?

OINP or Ontario Provincial Nomination Program pathway to migrate to the province Canada Ontario. It is a fast method to get settled in Ontario. You can simply file your profile online to get nominated by Ontario to migrate over there.

Ontario targets skilled and experienced immigrants under different programs and categories. OINP allows Ontario employers to recruit candidates directly. The selected candidates will get a nomination certificate from Ontario to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency. Its processing time is much faster compared to other PNP programs.

You can apply through one of the following OINP immigration categories:

  • Ontario Express Entry
    • Ontario Express Entry: Human Capital Priorities Stream
    • Ontario Express Entry: French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream
  • General Category (Employer Category)
    • Foreign Workers with a Job Offer Stream
  • International Student Category
    • International Students with a Job Offer Stream
    • International Students - Masters Graduate Stream
    • International Students - PhD Graduate Stream
  • Business Category
    • Entrepreneur Stream
    • Corporate Stream
    • Investors Category (discontinued)
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Ontario PNP Program 2017 Eligibility and Requirements

One should meet with the all required criteria which make an aspirant to immigrant.

  • Have a permanent, full-time job offer in a skilled occupation (NOC levels 0, A, or B) from the employer that is also submitting an application.
  • Have minimum qualification certificate/diploma which makes them eligible.
  • Have experience in their occupational field as per requirement of the program
  • Having job offer letter from the employer for full-time or permanent.
  • Intention to live in Ontario.
  • Express Entry score - All applicants must have a Canada Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System score of 400 points or greater, and this score must remain throughout provincial and federal processing (only for those who are willing to apply under Ontario Express Entry System).
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IELTS Requirement for Ontario PNP

As to be a foreigner employee you have be well in required language for the immigration. You have to clear the IELTS language test with the minimum score of 6/7 or higher or you can clear the alternate language exam called CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) at level 7/8 or higher of score. These both exams are for English language and a candidate has to clear any one exam with required score.

Ontario Human Capital Priorities Stream 2017

For the year 2017 Ontario is accepting application for many stream but Ontario Human Capital Priorities Stream seats are very limited. You should consider to apply as soon as possible with the help of immigration experts like Aptech Visa.The Ontario Human Capital Priorities Stream is for skilled workers who want to live and work permanently in Ontario. This stream enables the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) to nominate individuals who have qualified for Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s (CIC’s) Express Entry pool pool and who have the required education, skilled work experience, language ability, and other characteristics to help them successfully establish and integrate into Ontario’s labour market and communities.

Ontario PNP News 2017 - 'Ontario PNP Program 2017 Latest update for Human Capital Priorities Stream to Invite Candidates Weekly. Ontario will issue Express Entry Notification of Interest (NOIs) of Human Capital Priorities weekly'. Apply first to serure your place

Steps in the Application Process

Those interested in the OHCPS must first register in the CIC’s express entry stream where they will receive an Express Entry Profile Number and a Job Seeker Validation Code (both of which will be needed to complete your nomination form). Ontario Immigration Nomination Program (OINP) searches the Express Entry pool and identifies potential candidates who:

  • Have a minimum score of 400 on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) in CIC’s Express Entry system, and
  • Meet the criteria of Ontario’s Human Capital Priorities Stream
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Eligibility Criteria of Ontario’s Human Capital Priorities Stream

If you want to apply under Human Capital Priorities Stream then you must fulfil the following criteria.

  • Candidate must score at least 400 points on CRS. If you score more on CRS then there will be higher chance to get nominated.
  • Candidate must have sufficient work experience in the relevant job occupation.
  • On a National Occupation Classification (NOC) level 0, A, or B occupation in the five years prior to the date of the NOI from the OINP.
  • Candidate should have a valid Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, PhD Degree or any equivalent certificate. And you must have an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report prepared by experts who can judge whether your education credentials match with the Canadian Education system or not.
  • You must attain a CLB 7 in language proficiency in its all four category (listening, speaking, reading, and writing).
  • Meet with the required criteria under either FSWP or CEC.
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Ontario PNP Express Entry

Ontario nominates potential candidates via Express Entry, its Human Capital Priorities and French-Speaking Skilled Stream are aligned with the Federal government’s Express Entry program. Ontario randomly selects candidates from Express Entry pool who meet with the Ontario requirements and issue the Nomination certificate to apply for Canada Permanent Resident status.

Only those candidates are selected who acquire the required education, skilled work experience, language ability, and other factors to help them successfully establish and integrate with labour market and communities of Ontario.

Ontario’s Express Entry streams are not intended for foreign nationals with job offers. However, those individuals with job offers may qualify under one of Ontario’s non-Express Entry streams. But they should establish and integrate into Ontario’s labour market and communities.

Express Entry Latest Updates: New Record For Lowest Score In Latest 2017 Canada Express Entry Draw Summary

Canadian Immigration experts led the tenth round of invitations under Express Entry in 2017 and 60th by and large, welcoming 3,665 candidates for permanent residency, under all projects. The most minimal Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score was 415.

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Ontario PNP Points Calculator 2017

Your profile will be scored on a point calculator where you will get scored according to your credentials. For each entry you will get points allocated by Ontario government. After entering your all credentials there will be final output of scores you will get to submit your file for any Ontario stream. You have to score minimum 67 points out of 100. If you get this much score only then you can be scored on CRS of minimum 400 score and proceed further. Initial scoring is based on the following factors:

Factor 1 – Education (maximum 25 points)
Factor 2 – English and French language ability (maximum 28 points)
Factor 3 – Work Experience (maximum 15 points)
Factor 4 – Age (maximum 12 points)
Factor 5 – Arranged Employment (maximum 10 points)
Factor 6 – Adaptability (maximum 10 points)

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Apply for Ontario PNP With Job Offer

If you have a job offer letter from Ontario employee then it is well enough for your immigration process. It is the easiest and convenient way of applying for Ontario PNP. Ontario gives priority to those candidates who are having a valid job offer from their employers. It must be a full-time, permanent job offer in one of the three skill levels of the National Occupation Code 0, A, or B. Finally, the job must first be approved by Immigration Ontario before you can apply.
With following process your profile will be shortlist for Nomination Certificate:

Step One: Submit your application to Ontario with all related documents including your job offer letter.
Step Two: If everything goes right then Ontario government will make a decision on your profile to select or not and they will issue a nomination certificate.
Step Three: After getting the nomination letter from Ontario, you may proceed further and apply for Permanent Residency status in Ontario .

Apply for Ontario PNP 2017 With Job Offer

Apply for Ontario PNP Without Job Offer

If you don’t have a job offer letter from Ontario government, don’t worry we are here to help you out in this situation. To be honest, without having a job letter it becomes little bit difficult to get nominated by Ontario government. But there are other positive way by which you can apply.

The basic thing is, if you don’t have a job offer letter but you are interested in applying for Ontario PNP Program 2017 then you must meet with the all requirements criteria set by the Ontario government for one of the two International Graduate Streams i.e. Masters Student Stream and PhD Student Stream.

If student meets with the all requirements and submit his/her profile accordingly (related documents, fee & other process), then they may get a provincial nomination certificate from Ontario government. This nomination certificate will make you eligible to apply for Permanent Residency in Canada to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

Apply for Ontario PNP Without Job Offer

Ontario PNP Program 2017 Processing Time

Ontario government receives nearly five thousands of applications under different stream of PNP every year. The government reviews all the profile submitted to them and after the review it finalises the nominated list of candidates.

Ontario PNP processing time varies case to case, it is totally depend one’s profile. However, it is experienced that generally, Ontario PNP takes 7-9 months to complete the process .

As of 22 June, the government of Ontario estimated processing time for newcomers for streams within the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)

The province also disclosed that as of 19 June, slightly more than half of the 6,000 nomination certificates have been issued in 2017.

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Ontario PNP 2017 Updates : "As the rules and regulation of Ontario government on immigration may change at any stage and time without any prior notice. So, we suggest you to be in touch with our immigration experts for regular update".

How to apply for Ontario PNP Program 2017

Ontario has a number of opportunities waiting for you, you just need to make a bold decision on your career. In Ontario you will get unlimited living and working options. But be careful on applying to Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program 2017 , as the process is quite critical and tough. Any mistake will directly lead to failure or rejection of your application.

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What to do next?

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