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Canada Immigration is Possible With Lowest IELTS Band Score!

Low Band Score is no More a Problem for Canada PR!

Canada is an aspiring country for the migrants who foresee their permanent settlement. It is a home to so many migrant communities across the globe and is continuing to grow larger year after year. There are many people who dream of living in Canada as a permanent resident but are afraid to initiate the first step due to the language requirement scores (IELTS requirements) that they find extremely difficult to achieve.

Many of our clients call and say, “We want to go to Canada permanently but are extremely scared of taking language requirement test, can we go without taking any exam? Or by scoring low IELTS score?

This is one thing that we get to hear on a daily basis. We are often confused that why most of the migrants are frightened with the thought of taking language exam?

Well, we would like to say that despite what people might tell you, language requirement (IELTS) is not difficult to clear. You can easily get decent language scores in IELTS; in fact many of our clients who were scared with the idea of moving to Canada are now happily living in Canada by taking our expert IELTS free practice module test papers.

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Alternatively, it is possible to move to Canada with low IELTS score however, a good language score definitely increases your chances to find a job as well as socialize in a new environment. But, one need not get dishearten with less IELTS score too; there are some ways that can be used to move to Canada with minimum IELTS score.

Thus, we are going to discuss secret ways of immigrate to Canada from India without actually caring about good language score in IELTS. Though, you will sure come to know about the programs soon but fist let’s try to understand the need of IELTS requirement by Canadian Immigration department.

The Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has made language requirement mandatory to allow skilled migrants in the country. The eligible applicants need to prove their proficiency in either English or French Language or both to show their language ability.

The language test that is accepted by the Immigration department of Canada is IELTS examination that is conducted all over India to check the language ability of the applicants in four categories namely reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Knowledge of English language is highly important in Country like Canada for both personal as well as professional communication.

Talking about the programs that accept the low IELTS score for English language tests, there are many provinces who ask for a minimum level of language proficiency from the Canada Immigration applicants.

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  • Saskatchewan Invites You With Low IELTS Score
    Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) is the most popular provincial nominee program of Canada and one can immigrate to Saskatchewan with IELTS bands as low as 4.5. it is known for offering the nomination to the Canadian PR applicants with low IELTS band score.
    As you already know that average IELTS score required for Canada PR in most of the cases is CLB 7. Thus, IELTS 4.5 band requirement gives hopes to the applicants who do not have good knowledge and understanding of English language. So, if you are unable to score a good language score and still want to immigrate to Canada, then you have the option to apply for Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP).
    Also, getting an IELTS 4.5 score is easier then you might actually think! Practice and confidence will give you the desired IELTS results!
    Are you eligible to apply for SINP?

  • Manitoba Requires a Family Connection and a Very Less IELTS Score
    Manitoba is another province that is great to live and work on a permanent basis. It has many migrant communities, friendly and welcoming towards the migrants coming to reside in the province and brilliant job opportunities.
    The unique thing about Manitoba is that you require less language score for Canada PR. The prime requirement is a known connection in the province to apply for Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP).
    An applicant only requires IELTS 4.5 Bands in each module to be considered for Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). Yeah! You heard it right! Only 4.5 bands provided you have a known connection in Manitoba and they are ready to sponsor you so that you can move to Manitoba.
    Well, Manitoba may not be in league for many migrants because it requires someone to be in Manitoba but it surely is a great way for those who have family in Manitoba! You have the highest possible chances of migrating to Manitoba if your relative is residing there!
    Are you eligible to apply for Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program?

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  • Alberta Needs an Offer Letter and Minimum 4.5 IELTS Bands Score
    Alberta is a great place to settle in and the good news is it requires less IELTS band scores. Yes, you can immigrate to Alberta with 4.5 IELTS band score provided you have job offer letter from the Alberta employer.
    Here, getting a good language score is not important but an offer letter is extremely necessary to be able to apply for Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP).
    If you have an offer letter from Alberta, you are in highest possible chances of receiving invitation from the government of Alberta. The eligible applicants receive a nomination certificate from the Alberta government.
    So, say bye-bye to language score worries and hello to offer letter for Alberta PNP
    Do you have an offer letter? Apply to the province that is waiting for you now!

  • Alberta Immigration Pilot Program
    The Alberta Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) was launched two years ago for four Atlantic Provinces namely Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island.
    To be able to apply for AIPP, an applicant does not really have to think about language requirement score. All they require is a job offer letter from the employer of Atlantic province. With a job offer letter, you’re eligible to apply for AIPP.

    Additionally, the quotas for AIPP have also been increased from 2000 to 2500 immigrants per year and it has been extended to 2019 as well.
    AIPP is a new route for Canada PR! Expore Your Visa Options

  • Quebec is Different Province of All!
    Quebec follows an entirely different immigration program from other provinces. The program run by Quebec is Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) and runs in co-ordination with the federal government and offer Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) to the selected applicants which in turn make the applicants eligible to apply for permanent residence for Quebec.

    Quebec is a French speaking province and you require French efficiency more as compared to English language and if you still want to give IELTS for Quebec, you require CLB 5 that means Listening 5 bands, Reading 4 bands, Writing 5 bands and Speaking 5 bands If you seek to know about the different language requirements and eligibility conditions for the above mentioned provinces, you are most welcome to contact our excellent immigration consultancy service ‘Aptech Global’.

    The immigration experts offer customer oriented assistance and utmost satisfaction to the clients coming for immigration queries. We give you the best consultation for the lowest language IELTS requirement as well. so, call our immigration right away to discuss about your Canada PR with less IELTS score.
    You may also fill the free assessment form or contact the experts at 7503832132 or mail your query at info@aptechvisa.com




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