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Express Entry News / Changes 2018

Canada Immigration rules keeps on changing and is highly fluctuating thus, Citizenship Immigration Canada has made improvements to the Express Entry System. The potential migrants are thus concerned about the latest CIC developments as their immigration outcome is based on the latest updates. A lot can happen in the immigration sector, thus read the latest Canada Immigration changes that will help you in finalizing Canada PR chances in the better way:

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Changes as of June 6, 2017:

1. Points for Siblings in Canada:-

As per the latest changes in Canadian Immigration,the federal government of Canada has updated its selection process of candidates from pool of candidates based on their CRS score.You can now earn 15 additional points if you (or your spouse or common-law partner who will come with you to Canada) have a brother or sister who is:

  • living in Canada and
  • a citizen or permanent resident of Canada

To get these points, the brother or sister must also be

  • 18 years old or older
  • related by blood, marriage, common-law partnership or adoption
  • have a parent in common

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2. You Can Get Additional Points for Good French Skills:-

If you score NCLC 7 or higher on all four French language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing), you will get

  • 15 additional points if you scored CLB 4 or lower in English (or you have not had an English test); or
  • 30 additional points if you scored CLB 5 or higher on all four English skills

This is in addition to points you get for official languages.

3. Job Bank Registration Voluntary:-

If you are willing to create a Job Match account with Job Bank. And you are meeting the minimum entry criteria for Express Entry, you will be automatically be

  • placed into the pool
  • eligible for invitation rounds right away

Note: If you were invited to apply before June 6 2017, these changes will not affect you .If you think the changes affect you, you should:

Points awarded for principal applicant or spouse/ common-law partner having a sibling in Canada 15 CRS points available New additional factor June 6, 2017
French CLB 7 or better + English CLB 4 or below 15 CRS points available New additional factor June 6, 2017
French CLB 7 or better + English CLB 5 or better 30 CRS points available New additional factor June 6, 2017
Job Bank registration Voluntary Mandatory for candidates without a job offer June 6, 2017
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June 6, 2017 Changes: Who is Influenced?

Many hopefuls will hold their current score, while a few applicants — particularly, those with a sibling in Canada as well as demonstrated French capacity — may chance to acquire a lift in their points score.

Applicants with a sibling in Canada may acquire 15 extra points, and hopefuls with French capacity may get either 15 or 30 focuses, while competitors with a qualifying work offer get either 50 or 200 points and hopefuls with a Provincial nomination can get 600 points. Candidates with more than one Sibling in Canada will be granted 15 points altogether, not 15 points for each sibling. Relationship must be through blood, selection, marriage or common-law partnership.

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Hopefuls in the Express Entry pool, and also people considering making an Express Entry profile, can utilize the as good as ever CRS Calculator to discover their score would be under the recently modified CRS points framework.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  •   What is a step by step procedure for Canada express entry? +

    Canada's Express Entry is a simple and step-by-step procedure that involves:

    1. Taking Language Assessment Test (IELTS or CELPIP) and scoring desirable CLB 7 to become eligible for Express Entry.
    2. Side by side gets your Education Credential Assessment done through the most relevant assessing body related to your educational qualification.
    3. After getting a positive outcome for both the test results, create an express entry profile and mention key credentials like age, educational qualification, work experience, language ability, and adaptability factors. So, make sure you mention all the correct information in the express entry profile.
    4. A minimum of 67 points out of 100 on Canada Point Assessment grid is required for the above-mentioned factors to become eligible to apply for the next stage.
    5. After scoring desirable score, wait for the draw to reach your score and receive ITA afterward. The regular draws are conducted by CIC inviting the highest CRS ranking applicant to apply for Canada PR.
    6. After getting ITA, you get 60 days time period to submit all the relevant documents
    7. Submission of documents and immigration fee
    8. Wait for the PPR (Passport Request for stamping)
    9. Submit Passport and get confirmation of PR
    10. Receive PR card
    11. Fly to Canada as a permanent resident
  •   How many points are required to file the Canada PR application through Express Entry? +

    All skilled applicants who are planning to permanently settle in Canada through Express Entry must have a good profile as Express Entry program is a point-based immigration system allowing foreign skilled workers to settle in the country and contribute towards the growing economy. It is a two-stage process where the first stage is the Federal Skilled Worker Program that requires at least 67 points out of 100 on Canada Point Assessment Grid. In the second stage, your points are required to obtain ITA from IRCC. The points are calculated out of 1200. The highest ranking applicant is invited to apply to Canada PR.

  •   What is the minimum IELTS test score required to qualify for Canada express entry? +

    IELTS language test is the mandatory factor and the immigration department wants the applicant to pass the minimum benchmark of IELTS as the government wants to make sure that your language ability is up to the standard level and you are able to express yourself in Canada.

    As per Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada, the applicant needs to obtain a minimum CLB 7(Canadian Language Benchmark) in the English language proficiency test. The CLB 7 is achieved by securing IELTS 6 bands in each module of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Well, the higher are your language score the better you will get language factor points.

  •   Which is the best way to enter Canada, through express entry or PNP? +

    Choosing the best way to enter Canada is solely dependent on the applicant’s personal choice and visa eligibility chances in which you are willing to apply. In order to decide the better way for you to apply for Canada PR, we need to know your eligibility chances first.

    It is suggested to contact the experienced Aptech Global visa experts who can guide you in a step by step manner for deciding the best way to enter Canada. Well, both Express Entry and PNP are good immigration pathways to apply for Canada Permanent Resident Visa. Under Express Entry, you get direct ITA from the Canadian Government and through PNPs a particular province in which you are eligible gives you the provincial nomination.

    Contact the visa experts of Aptech Global to decide your ultimate immigration pathway for Canada PR

  •   Do I need the help of consultant to apply for Canadian PR Express Entry in 2019? +

    It totally depends on individual choice whether to hire a consultant or not for immigration. If you are confident enough of self-arranging all the relevant documentation, are aware of the Canada PR process then in such a case you may apply on your own for Canada PR Express Entry.

    However, hiring a visa and immigration consultant to make things easy and simple for you because they know the complete and accurate Canada PR process along with minute details and documentation required to submit with the visa application. There are many migrants who have lost their Canada PR chances due to incorrect or incomplete submission of documents, applying under wrong visa category or inefficiency to provide settlement fund proofs etc.

    Thus, it is suggested to hire a good and reputed consultant who can help you with applying for Canada PR programs in a proper and systematic manner.

  •   How long does it take to get Canada PR through the express entry process? +

    The Express Entry process is the most popular visa and immigration pathway for the Canadian Permanent Residence. It has the fastest PR processing time. The general PR processing time for Express Entry is merely 6 months provided you have CRS score depending upon the current requirement of the Canadian government. The draw is generally conducted twice a month where the highest ranking applicant is invited to apply.

    A lot of factors are responsible to constitute the overall Canada PR processing time for Express Entry.

  •   What is the next step after receiving ITA from Canada through express entry? +

    Half of the battle is solved when you have received ITA for Express Entry and now you have to go through different document checks and verifications. You will get 60 days to submit your visa application along with supporting documents.

    It is advised to fill and submit your application well-in-advance as last-minute hurries may lead to non-good visa experience and if you submit applications on the last minute there are chances of facing server error due to extreme load on the last date of submission.

    Get to know the documentation part by connecting with our visa and immigration experts of Aptech Global.