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Express Entry Canada Requirements

Canada Immigration Express Entry System, designed by CIC, identifies potential immigrants that are likely to do well economically in Canada. The system determines eligibility based on a point-based structure, by the name Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Canada Express Entry CRS is designed to give points for factors such as age, degree of education, past work history and practice, language proficiency, etc.

So what is the Canada Express Entry minimum point requirement? Well, there is no minimum score requirement as such for any candidate applying under Express Entry system. However, for being selected from the Express Entry Pool, your score must be significantly good. Aptech suggest you to keep check of the latest Express entry draw trends. If your score is averagely below the trends, you can also improve your CRS score. You can create your Express Entry Profile once you satisfy the Eligibility criteria of minimum point requirement. To be a competitive candidate in the pool, make sure to see these formula of gaining maximum points.

Age (maximum 110 points)

Canada prefers young and vitalised immigrants to come and work in the economy. Therefore, younger candidates can claim maximum points in the age criteria. Candidates in their twenties can claim maximum points whereas, those above the age group of 45, do not get any points for CRS age criteria.
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Level of Education (maximum 150 points)

The reason why Canada is among the top immigration destinations in the world is that only well-educated skilled workers can migrate to the country. Canada Express Entry System rewards maximum 150 points for an outstanding educational qualification as per Canadian equivalence of education. Candidates who are not having any graduation holder of degree, get minimum points in this criteria.

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Language Proficiency (maximum 160 points)

The person seeking immigration has to speak, listen, read, write and even eat English in the country! Therefore, Canadian government has some demand for English language ability. The candidate has to appear and score a decent band in IELTS exam. The minimum acceptable score is 6 bands out of 10 in each module which are, a) Reading b) Writing c) Speaking d) Listening.

Along with English language skills, if a person is proficient in French language skills too, then he/she can claim extra points for that. Maximum points that can be gained under this criteria is 160.

Canadian Work Experience (maximum 80 points)

While calculating Canada express entry eligibility, a former work experience inside the Canadian territories can make you earn more points. This is because the applicant is expected to be in terms with the work conditions and working environment in Canada has therefore considered more adaptable as compared to a candidate without any prior work experience in Canada. The maximum point to be claimed is 80 for this factor.

Level of Education of Spouse or Common-Law Partner (maximum 10 points)

Express entry system has a provision for those candidates who are migrating with their spouse or common-law partner. A score of 10 points can be claimed by the candidate for the spouse’s educational qualification. Thus, the additional points are specifically for the spouse’s attribute.

Language Proficiency of Spouse or Common-Law Partner (maximum 20 points)

Those candidates who apply under express entry immigration to Canada along with a spouse or common-law partner that can read, write, speak or listen effectively in either of the two official language i.e., English or French can gain up to 5 points for each ability up to a total of 20 points.

Canadian Work Experience of Spouse or Common-Law Partner (maximum 10 points)

Your spouse’s past work history in Canada can make you eligible to earn up to extra 10 points under this CRS category. 10 points is the maximum threshold and varies according to the years of experience your spouse/common-law partner is having. For example, with two years of spouse’s work experience, you are eligible for 7 points; for three years of spouse’s work experience, you are eligible for 8 points and so on.

Once created, the Express Entry profile is valid up to 12 months. If a candidate could not get selected in this period then he/she can create a new profile. The draw is usually conducted twice or thrice in a month and thousands of applicants are selected for Canada PR from across the globe in a single draw. The process of selection is done through the CRS point system and a candidate can use certain measures to increase their CRS to get nominated. Talk to our expert and get proper guidance regarding the same.

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Skill Transferability (maximum 100 points)

Your educational aptitude and past work practise defines the set of skills. The candidate can gain up to 100 more points if his/her listed skill ability matches Canadian skill demand.

Additional Factors (maximum 600 points)

This can be the last stroke a candidate can rely on, to increase the CRS final score. Additional score can be claimed by the candidate for the following additional factors:

  • Nomination from a Province in Canada
  • Arranged employment in Canada (with positive LMIA)
  • Sponsor from a Blood Relative currently residing in Canada
  • Education from a Canadian post-secondary institution

You can calculate your points today, using Canada Express Entry Point Calculatoror you can call our immigration experts at +91-7503832132, +91-8447281370, +91-8447153819, +91-8447153835, +91-7303531490, +91-7303531491, +91-7303531492, +91-7303531493 or mail at for more information on Canada Immigration Points.

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