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Different PR Visa Options for Nurses 2019

Canada has variety of economic immigration programs through which, being a nurse, you can move and settle in Canada. Nurses are highly in demand in the country. Having said that, it is important to choose the right immigration program to immigrate as a Nurse so that chances of rejection are minimal.
To name top 4 immigration programs for Nurses, the list goes like-
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  • Express Entry Program
  • Quebec Immigration Program
  • Provincial Nomination Program(s)
  • Study in Canada- last resort

Option 1: Express Entry

The federal program Express Entry, under NOC 3012 invites Nurses in big numbers. To apply under Express Entry, a score of 67 points out of 100 has to be score under Core Human factors (age, education, language, work experience). These 67 points can be met and improved by a highly variable core human factor i.e., language proficiency. In IELTS, though 6 bands in each module is the minimum benchmark, but you must get a CLB 8/9 so that lack of proficiency in rest of the factors can be met with.
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Besides, a competent score out of 1200 Comprehensive Ranking Score also has to be there for increased chances of invitation from the pool.

Option 2: Quebec Immigration Program

Though Quebec’s intake for international workers are lesser and infrequent, it intakes Nurses to meet the demand of this occupation in the province. Quebec’s point assessment grid requires the candidate to get at least 50 points out of 100 based on similar factors as the Core Human Factors.

If we go by comparing this program with rest of the immigration programs mentioned, then Quebec is one foot above on the basis of these-

  • No minimum ILETS score is requires (may vary according to your NOC)
  • No ECA required
  • No need to showcase settlement funds

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Canadian Experience Class (CEC) -

This program is designed by CIC for those skilled workers who are having a relevant prior work experience in Canada for at least 1 year counting from the past 3 years. The candidates need to meet the following eligibility criteria to be able to apply under CEC Program:

  • The applicant must hold at least 12 months of full-time, paid work experience. The experience should be continuous in nature counting from the last 3 years at the time of filing of application.
  • The candidate must score at least 5 bands in each module of English Language Test (IELTS).
  • The candidate wishes to settle anywhere in Canada except province of Quebec.
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Option 3: Provincial Nomination Program(s)

This is not a single program but a bundle of different programs each with multiple streams. Provincial Nomination Program(s) are immigration programs that helps you attain extra CRS of 600 points by nominating you from the pool; thereby, increasing your chances of selection in rounds of invites by CIC.

A nomination will be given to you provided,

  • You meet that province’s eligibility requirements
  • You meet the minimum point score requirements including IELTS score requirements which is different in case of different province
  • You are having an active Express Entry Profile in the pool (in Express Entry Streams only)
  • You are having a Valid and LMIA approved Job offer from a particular province (few provinces)
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Option 4: Study in Canada- Last resort

If you are not meeting benchmarks of either of the options mentioned above, then you need not worry! You can make improvements in your score and be eligible for any of these options and migrate as a Nurse.

How study in Canada can improve your score?
There are dual point earning opportunity, after you get your study completed in Canada-

  • You can claim extra points on your education from Canada up to 50 CRS!
  • Eventually, your English language is going to improve over the period of your stay and study in Canada. Thus, ILETS bands can also be improved




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