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Canada PR Process

Canada is the most sort-after country for the newcomers specifically Indians to settle permanently. Canada has no doubt the better living conditions, great standard of living, cultural diversity, career opportunities, and personal growth. Therefore, a number of individuals are keenly applying for Canada PR process. The Permanent Residency (PR) status of Canada is valid for five years and there are different Canada PR programs that an applicant may consider depending upon the visa preference and eligibility conditions.

Canada Permanent Residency is governed under the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), a federal body that sets the rules and guidelines for immigration to Canada. The Canada PR process is for numerous pathways offered by the Canadian Government to attain the PR status. To obtain a PR in Canada, you need to apply for the PR program like Express Entry Program, Provincial Nominee Programs, etc.

Check your eligibility for applying for different Canada PR programs!

Canada PR Process From India

Applicants applying for Canada PR process have many PR programs to select from Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Programs, Quebec Skilled Worker Programs, and Family Sponsorship, etc. Every PR program has its different eligibility categories to become considerable for Canada PR process from India.

The Canada PR process is simple, systematic and tricky so, in order to apply for Canada PR process & know the canada pr processing time through Skill Migration Programs like Express Entry, Provincial Nomination Programs, etc follow the below-mentioned steps:

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  • Step-1: Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) Test:
    Educational Credential Assessment is the primary document that mentions your educational qualification to check whether your education is equal to the Canadian educational system or not.
  • Step-2: Language Ability Test Report
    Along with ECA, the applicants are suggested to write for language assessment test along with ECA report. Till the time, your ECA profile is evaluated, the language assessment test report will also come out. Language assessment is essential because the Canadian government wants people coming in must be able to communicate properly for better understanding.
  • Step-3: Submission of Express Entry Application
    After getting a positive outcome from the above two steps, create an express entry profile and select the immigration channel through which you want to apply for Canada PR. Mention the key steps that include information about age, educational qualification, work experience, language ability, and adaptability factors. A minimum of 67 points out of 100 on Canada Point Assessment grid is required for the above-mentioned factors to become eligible for Canada PR.
  • Step-4: Check CRS score
    The eligible applicants are then placed into the Express Entry pool where they are ranked according to the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. The CRS score decides the Canada PR chances for the immigrants because the ranking is given on the basis of this score only.

    The high CRS score you have the better are your immigration chances. Check your Canada PR score using CRS point calculator
  • Step-5: Apply for Provincial Nomination Program (if applicable)
    Provincial Nomination Programs allows skilled and qualified workers to come and settle in the particular province for the indefinite period of time. If you are seeking to live and work in a specific province then PNPs are best solutions.

    The successful provincial nomination enables you to receive 600 additional point score!
    Aptech advises you to check eligibility before moving ahead with PNP application- get to know the detail about the province you are planning to apply by taking assistance!
  • Step-6: Wait for the Express Entry Draw
    After every regular interval of 15 days, the Canadian Government conducts the regular Express Entry draws through which higher CRS ranking applicant is invited to apply for Canada PR.
  • Step-7: Receive an Invitation to Apply
    The successful applicants get a certain time period to revert back with their visa application to the Canadian Government

What is the Canada PR Process Time?

Canada visa processing time from India is one of the fastest as it is the most prominent immigration destination in the world. However, the Canada PR process time varies under different circumstances and every visa application profile has its own processing time. In fact, there is different Canada PR visa processing time for Canada Immigration categories programs.

The average Canada PR processing time for Express Entry is approximately 6 months whereas Provincial Nominee Programs PR processing time takes around 6 to 9 months. For faster Canadian Immigration chances, contact our visa and immigration experts! Connect with them on 7503832132!

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What is the Canada PR Cost From India?

Canada PR process is systematic and so is the Canada PR fee. There are different stages where the government of Canada asks for Permanent Residency cost. The overall Canada PR immigration cost for the primary applicant is approximately CAD $550.

If you wish to know more about Canada PR process and different eligibility requirements, fill the Canada Assessment form and our talented visa and immigration experts will contact you soon. You may also contact the experts at info@aptechvisa.com



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- Rajan Sehgal, New Delhi