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Canada Permanent Resident Visa New Rules/Process 2019

Canada has been one of the most favourite countries to get a Permanent Resident Visa since the past several decades. Thousands of immigration seekers aspire to move in Canada to work and live with their families. The flexible immigration process offered by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) makes obtaining a Canadian PR visa desirable and easy to obtain.

The candidate has various options to get a Canada PR visa. The Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) offers around 60 immigration programs, from which, the most suitable and appropriate program can be selected. The immigration process for Canada Permanent Residency is point-based and nominates its candidates according to the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) which are scored on the basis of the factors such as: age, education, skills, work experience, adaptability and language ability etc...

Canada is a country of natural beauty and progressive economy. The multi-cultural nation consists of huge Indian immigrant communities along with a blend of other cultures from around the world as well. The friendly setting and immigration process attracts thousands of PR status aspirants to apply for their migration.
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What is Canada Permanent Resident Visa Card?

A Canada Permanent Resident Visa card allows you to live and work anywhere in the country. The card will be a proof of yours that you are living in Canada legally. If we talk about the rights of Canada PR Visa, they are quite similar with the Canadian citizens, immigrants are exempted from some rights which require high security levels.

A Canada PR Visa holder is eligible to attain governmental and social benefits. You need to show your PR card many times for settling in Canada to different authorities, you need to show it to government officers, employer, investors etc. A Canada PR Visa will be required if you want to travel outside and want to re-enter in Canada. If you are an eligible potential candidate you can apply for PR visa. Apply for Canada PR Visa

Benefits of Having Permanent Residency in Canada

A Canada PR visa holder enjoys many benefits and rights almost as same as those of a Canadian citizen, if you are willing to apply for PR you will have the right to:

  • Live and work anywhere in Canada for indefinite time
  • After completing 3 years in Canada, you can apply for Canadian citizenship
  • Avail health care benefits
  • Employment related benefits, low tax rate system
  • Enjoy other social and economic benefits of Canada
  • Sponsor your eligible relatives on your PR visa

Requirements for Canada Permanent Resident Visa

In order to apply for Canada PR, a candidate is required to meet the requirement criteria set by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada that are:

  • Meet with the age range of a program
  • Language proficiency either English or French
  • Education Qualification as per Canadian education system equivalency
  • Minimum required funds to settle down in Canada
  • Education Credential Assessment (ECA) report
  • Health and Police clearance
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What are the Various Methods to Get a Canada PR (Permanent Resident) Visa?

At present time, Canada offers more than 60 ways to migrate the individuals from around the world under a unique immigration program. You can obtain your Canada PR visa too; you just need to apply for one of the programs whichever suits you the best.

Canada offers multiple ways by which a person can get permanent residency status in Canada. Below are the most popular programs to get a Canada PR Visa:

Express Entry Program:

On January 2015, with the aim to process fast and transparent Citizenship and Immigration Canada introduced an electronic method to manage the Permanent Resident/immigration applications. The Express Entry is based on point system Comprehensive and Ranking System where candidates get a score on their each credentials.

Express Entry has further streams:

Express Entry Requirements:

Express Entry is the federal program of Canadian government based on point system, and requires a candidate to meet with the following criteria

  • Your education qualification,
  • Work Experience
  • Language Proficiency (either in English or French)
  • Adaptability
  • Funds to prove your immigration

How to Apply for Express Entry

  • Potential candidates needs to apply by submitting their application online
  • Submit your all related documents
  • If CIC approves your application then you will get an Invitation to Apply (ITA)
  • In responding to ITA you can apply for Canada PR Visa

It is important to know your eligibility and points score before actually submitting your profile for assessment. Check your eligibility by calculating your score today and know if Express Entry program is the one for you.
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Provincial Nominee Program

Provinces of Canada offer unique pathways for immigration seekers, every province have its own requirements and needs for allowing a foreign person to live and work in a province. With Provincial Nominee Program you can fulfill your immigration dream, PNPs have customized immigration programs for skilled workers, international graduates with different streams and categories.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Requirements/Eligibility:

  • Your 21 years or older
  • Obtain minimum score in point assessment grid of a PNP
  • Your occupation must lie in National Occupational Classification (NOC)
  • Have sufficient score in language requirement as per CLB
  • Required work experience in your area of profession

How to Apply for a PNP?

All PNP programs have different number of quotas and a different process to select the potential candidates, you can select an appropriate PNP from the following list and know its procedure:

PNP programs are usually different from each other and the correct information regarding the selected program is necessary. Consulting a Canada PR expert in this regard would be highly advisable.

Quebec Selected Skilled Worker Program

Quebec has unique criteria to nominate candidates via its Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) in collaboration with CIC. A candidate has to meet the minimum required eligibility criteria set by the provincial government. The program is based on the nomination of those candidates as per the province’s skill requirement for its labour market and economy who can contribute and add value in the Quebec community.

How to Apply for Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Submit your application to Quebec government for a certificate of selection (CSQ). It is a document which confirms that Quebec has selected your profile as an immigrant. After receiving a CSQ, you need to submit your application to IRCC for permanent residency status in Canada.

To know your eligibility in QSWP, you need to be aware of all the immigration rules and regulations as stated by the Quebec government. For further guidance or to clear any kind of query, call an expert today for trust-worthy Canada PR visa consultancy.

Start-up Visa

The person who wants to setup a business in Canada and having the skills to manage the business can apply for a Start-up visa. You will need to show that you have enough funds to start your own business in Canada. Also, you can include your family members in your application for Permanent Residency.

Requirements for Start-up Visa:

  • Language proficiency either in English or English
  • Enough funds to support the business in Canada
  • Able to show that the business meets with the ownership requirement
  • Intention to live in the province except Quebec
  • Other required documents for Start-up visa

Sponsorship Program:

Canadian sponsorship is one of the easiest ways to get the Canadian Permanent Resident Visa. If you have your relatives in Canada, you can ask them to sponsor you. Many of the programs have an easy policy and faster processing time for sponsorship.

If you have your:

  • Spouse/partner or common-law partner in Canada
  • Your Dependent children
  • Parents
  • Other relatives who can sponsor you in Canada.
  • Ask your relative in Canada to sponsor you for Permanent Residency Visa of Canada.

This program is ideal for those who have family relatives (18 years of age or above) living in Canada as a permanent resident or a citizen and are able to sponsor you for a PR card. To know about the complete procedure related to the Sponsorship program, call our office today.

Am I Eligible for Permanent Residency in Canada

The eligibility criteria for each Canada PR program are not similar but most of the programs are based on a point-score system. The points are given on the basis of your career and education exposures. The factors are age, educational qualification, work experience, language ability, adaptability etc. The Express Entry program works via Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) through which CIC picks high scored candidates from the pool of candidates. To be eligible for Federal Skilled Worker Program a candidate is required to score 67 points out of the total 100 in the point assessment grid.

Most of the Provincial Nominee Programs follow the Comprehensive Ranking System as well. For Saskatchewan PNP, minimum 60 points out of 100 are required. Minimum points usually differ from province to province. To know more about the pointing grade system and its working, you can talk to our Immigration expert.Know Your CRS Points Now!

Important Note: All the immigration aspirants are not eligible candidates to migrate in Canada, only those candidates are allowed to enter Canada who meets the required criteria created by the Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC). Check your eligibility today in order to apply as soon as possible.

Process to Get Canadian Permanent Resident Visa

If you have decided your future to be in Canada then you should apply for it now, you can apply in any one of the immigration program of Canada in which you are an eligible candidate. If you are a skilled worker and having experience in your occupation, you must apply for an appropriate program (QSWP, PNP's, Express Entry, etc.).

After selecting the right program you need to provide all the required documents like educational qualification, work experience, language proficiency proof & others as well as funds to settle in Canada. Your application will be submitted to Canadian high commission and they will review your profile and will revert back to you on whether you are eligible to migrate to Canada or not. The applications are processed as per the Canadian immigration procedures;

You should contact an experienced immigration consultant and know the best suitable program for you. Start Processing My Application

How Can a Candidate Apply for Canada Permanent Resident Visa Status? - Apply for Canada PR

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and Provincial Nominee Programs has designed more than 60 ways for obtaining the permanent residency visa for A skilled worker, international students, business investors and family sponsorship. The first thing you need is to contact an immigration expert in your city or state, however, location does not matter anymore as the need for physical presence has diminished in today’s time of online processing. An immigration expert can assist and help to get a better response from Canada for your PR Visa

We advise you to stay away from unreliable agents that even the Canada immigration is aware of as well. You must be careful while choosing your agent or consultant in order to put your precious time and money with someone trustworthy.

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