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Which Member of the Family Should Apply as the Principal Applicant ?

Principal Applicant is that member of the family who has the most possible chances of receiving an invitation to apply from the Canadian government. The person who can get the most points is generally regarded as ‘principal applicant’.

The decision to make a particular individual principal applicant plays the pivotal role because whether the principal applicant is approved or refused, the impact automatically affects the entire family. Here, by family we mean a husband, a wife, and their under-aged or dependent children.

This can be explained through an example- a father applying for permanent residence with his three children would be the primary applicant. Or, when a mother is applying for a permanent residence with her 16 year old daughter would be the primary applicant. This shows us that when parents are included in an application, dependent children cannot be principal applicants.

The principal applicants thus, can include the following members in their visa application:

  • Their spouse or common-law partner
  • Unmarried children under the age of 22 (as of October 24, 2017)

The dependent child who is over 22 years can be included in the visa application if they are unable to support themselves financially due to physical or mental condition that existed before they were 22.

Additionally, it is possible to submit a separate but linked sponsorship application for the family unit not mentioned above.

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