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Is It Necessary to Hire a Lawyer or a Consultant to Immigrate to Canada ?

No, it is not necessary to hire a lawyer or consultant to immigrate to Canada provided you are well aware about the immigration policies and procedures, how to file a visa application and the requirements to apply for Canadian Immigration. However, consulting a lawyer or consultant is a smart thing to do so.

There are certain reasons which can substantiate the need of hiring a lawyer/consultant:

  • Rapid changes in policies and trends

The immigration industry is like a gamble where the rules and policies can change or update anytime without any notification. Some changes may work in your favour while other might go against you. Either way you have to be well-informed by reading right sources to make favourable changes in your visa application. Thus, it is sensible to delegate the immigration task to professional immigration consultancy that is abreast with the latest immigration policies and procedures.

  • Lawyer/ consultant is Highly knowledgeable and experienced

Canadian immigration process is simple but tricky. It involves legal procedures and immigration rules in which the consultancy is highly well-versed with. Hence, it is better if you seek out professional guidance for your application process. Otherwise, you could run the risk of having your application turned down which could further result in greater difficulties.

  • More chances of success rate

Immigration consultancy has a long list of satisfied customers who have already got their PRs. They are well aware about the different cases and know the best policies for each kind of visa applicant and therefore can provide quick and easy solution to the applicants. However, there is no guarantee of visa application getting approved but it thus increases the chances of selection and ensuring value for money.

  • Effective in Time Management

With the immigration consultancy can ensure that you get nomination from Canadian government in the shortest time possible provided you spend your time in doing all related visa activities be it arranging documents or transcripts etc. the immigration consultancy want that your visa gets approved in a shortest time span.

  • Provides you with honest and accurate advice

The immigration consultants who are reputed and trusted will provide you with the honest advice on your chance to migrate to your dream destination by doing a technical evaluation and on the basis of the information provided, will let you know your chances to migrate or not. They don’t give any false promises and provides a fair price to avoid bad reputation.

  • Job Selection

The immigration consultancy can help you in decoding the right job search to amplify your visa immigration chances. The reputed immigration consultancy will thoroughly check which occupation best suits you and is ideal setting for immigration.

Therefore, it is always suggested to hire an immigration consultancy/lawyer because a small mistake omitted can lead to rejection or cancellation of your visa application form.

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