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Is An Individual Required to Live And Reside Permanently in Alberta Once He or She Immigrates ?

After immigrating to Alberta, an individual is bound to receive certain benefits from the government of Alberta and they are:

 - You can live in Canada for an indefinite period of time

 - You can study and work anywhere in the Alberta province

 - You can enroll yourself and your family to the Canada healthcare system to avail benefits

 - You also get a protection under Canadian law

 - You also get to avail social and family security services

 - You can sponsor your eligible family members

 - You can apply for Canadian citizenship

Therefore, the holder of AINP avails the above mentioned benefits and other benefits as well depending upon the Alberta Government.

As far as residing permanently in Alberta Province is concerned, not only for Alberta but for any PNP application, applicants are required to submit a settlement plan indicating why they wish to live in a province and how would they intend to settle in that province.

Additionally, applicants are also required to sign an ‘intention to reside’ along with their application form. It implies that, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom ensures that all Canadian citizens and permanent residents has the right to live and work in any Canadian province or territory.

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