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British Columbia (BC) is one of the most modern and developed province among Canada provinces. BC offer PNP program under different categories for those who want work, live and contribute to the BC. Through BCPNP (British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program), the province offers opportunity to immigrant for potential candidates.

BCPNP is a fast process of immigration as compare to other PNPs of the Canada. The eligible candidate will receive nomination certificate for the further immigration process.

High Standard of Living: The United Nations Human Development Index consistently ranks Canada as one of the world's best countries to live in.

Excellent Health Care: B.C. has an affordable and reliable health care system. Once enrolled in B.C.’s Medical Services Plan (MSP), you and your family will be able to access excellent health care services.

Wages and benefits: People in B.C. earn competitive wages and enjoy a high standard of living. Many employers in BC offer their workers extended benefit plans, including full medical and dental coverage options. Your income will depend on your education, experience and occupation. Range of Workplaces and Industries: B.C. is home to a large range of different opportunities and industries including agriculture, construction, forestry, health and manufacturing. The Government of British Columbia has developed and implemented a comprehensive plan for maximizing the economy and its workforce.

The Emerging LNG Industry: The need for energy is increasing globally, particularly in emerging Asian economies. Natural gas − the world's cleanest burning fossil fuel − is able to accommodate the demand. British Columbia is well-positioned to meet this need with a vast supply of natural gas, while providing large scale opportunities for employment.

Safety in B.C.: Low crime rates and effective regulation make B.C. one of the safest places to work and live.

British Columbia PNP program 2017


The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program accelerates the Permanent Resident application process for applicants who want to settle in BC permanently. It allows nominees to apply for Permanent Resident status through Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) under the fast-tracked Provincial Nominee stream, which can be faster than applying through many federal immigration streams. Successful applicants will receive a British Columbia Provincial Nomination Certificate, which will speed-up the Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa application process.

Under the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program, you may qualify under one of the following two streams:

  • Strategic Occupations Stream
  • Business Immigrants Stream

British Columbia PNP program 2017=


Every year the federal government sets the quota for immigrants to immigrate through different streams. For the year 2017, the government will allocate approximately 6,000 nominations. Meanwhile, in 2016 the federal government allocated around 5,800 nominations. For further enquiry on quota, contact us

british columbia demand list


Job title with NOC code

  • Retailer and Wholesale Trade Manager (NOC 0621)
  • Insurance, real estate and financial brokerage managers (NOC 0121)
  • Restaurant and Food Service Managers (NOC 0631)
  • Construction Managers (NOC 0711)
  • Corporate Sales Manager (NOC 0601)
  • Banking, Credit and Other Investment Managers (NOC 0122)
  • Financial Managers (NOC 0111)
  • Senior Managers- Financial, Communications & Other Business Services (NOC 0013)
  • Computer & Information Manages (NOC 0213)
  • Facility Operation &Maintenance Managers (NOC 0714)
  • Senior Managers- Trade, Broadcasting & Other (NOC 0015)
  • Human Resources Manager (NOC 0112)
  • Accommodation Service Manager (NOC 0632)
  • Managers in Social, Community & Correctional Services (NOC 0423)
  • Managers in Transportation (NOC 0731)
  • Engineering Managers (NOC 0211)
  • Administrator-post-secondary & vocational training (NOC 0421)
  • Financial Auditors & Accountants (NOC 1111)
  • Information Systems Analysts & Consultants (2171)
  • Computer Programmers & Interactive Media Developers (NOC 2174)
  • College & Other Vocational Instructors (NOC 4021)
  • University Professors & Lecturers (NOC 4011)
  • Other Financial Officers (NOC 1114)
  • Software Engineers & Designers (NOC 2173)
  • Civil Engineers (NOC 2131)
  • Authors & Writers (NOC 5121)
  • Social Workers (NOC 4152)
  • Architects (NOC 2151)
  • Psychologists (NOC 4151)
British Columbia PNP process timing 2017


BCPNP is known for its fast process comparing with the other PNPs of Canada. The process time depends on the number of the applications federal government receives. In accordance with process time, there is gradual speed in the overall process in the past two years. The estimated time duration for the BCPNP is around 4-6 months after the submission of complete profile. However, time may vary in some cases. Our experts will guide you about the whole process click on Get Started.

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British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program 2017

British Columbia offers PNP program with different categories for those who want work, live and contribute in the province. Its economy is majorly based on the natural resources.British Columbia is the westernmost province of the Canada. The BC PNP is an economic immigration program designed to attract and retain foreign workers and entrepreneurs for high-demand occupations in BC under Skills Immigration and Entrepreneur Immigration streams, respectively.

Through BCPNP (British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program), the province offers opportunity to immigrant who are having high skills, experience and want to get hired by British Columbian employers. BCPNP is one of the fastest process of immigration program of the Canada. If you are a skilled, experienced potential candidate then British Columbia employers are waiting for you.

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program offers following immigration options:

  • Skills Immigration
    • Skilled Worker Category
    • Health Care Professional Category
    • International Graduate Category
    • International Post Graduate Category
    • Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker Category
  • Entrepreneur Immigration
    • Entrepreneur Category
    • Strategic Projects Category

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British Columbia PNP program 2017

British Columbia PNP Eligibility/Requirements

Skilled Worker Category: The potential candidate who have a job offer from the BC employer and possesses job experience required by the employer can immigrate to BC under this category.

Eligibility Requirements:
The skilled workers are required to meet with the minimum eligibility criteria.

  • A candidate must have an offer letter from the BC employer.
  • A candidate must have experience of two years in the job occupation.
  • Satisfy the employer to perform all the duties given to him/her.
  • Be eligible to immigrate to BC legally
  • For NOC B occupations, candidate should meet with the minimum language requirement.

Health Care Professional: Under this category individual with experience and eligible job offers, as physicians, nurses, psychiatric nurses or allied health professionals may apply.

Eligibility Requirements:
Under this category a candidate has to meet with the following eligibility criteria.

  • A candidate should have a job offer letter from a public health authority like:
    • Physician
    • Specialist
    • Registered Nurse
    • Registered Psychiatric Nurse
    • Nurse Practitioner
    • An Allied Health Professional
    • Able to show he/she can support oneself.
  • Meet the minimum language requirement where necessary.
  • The offered amount must meet with the standard wages rate card of BC
  • Have a minimum of 2 years of experience in the offered job.

International Graduate Category: This category offers immigration to those who have studied and obtained graduate degree/certificate in Canada in past three years. A candidate must have a valid job offer from the BC employer.

Eligibility Requirement:
The following points are mandatory to be eligible under this stream/category:

  • Have accepted full-time job offer from the BC employer.
  • The desired job title must be in NOC matrix.
  • Qualify for the job requirements required by the employer.
  • Must score minimum in the language proficiency test.
  • Have, or be eligible to move in BC with legal status.

International Post-Graduate Category: This category has been designed for those aspirants who have a Masters or Doctoral degree from the BC University or College in natural, applied or health sciences. The major point here is, there is no need of job letter from the BC employer.

Eligibility Requirements:
If you are a Masters or Doctorate in qualification from an eligible BC institute or college, a candidate has to meet with the following eligibility criteria:

  • A candidate should meet the minimum qualification of the occupation
  • Should have basic funds to settle down in BC
  • Must obtain minimum score in language proficiency, for this a candidate has to score 4.5 in IELTS or CLB-4 in language test
  • Have intention to live and contribute to BC’s economy
  • For occupations classified as NOC level 0 or A, no language test results are necessary
  • You can entitle for any of the following occupations:
    • Agriculture
    • Biological and Biomedical Sciences
    • Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services
    • Engineering
    • Engineering Technology
    • Health Professions and Related Clinical Sciences
    • Mathematics and Statistics
    • Natural Resources Conservation and Research
    • Physical Sciences

Semi-Skilled and Entry Level Category: If you are a semi-skilled or entry level candidate but want to settle down in British Columbia then the province has also created a program for you. Following are the requirements of it:

  • You must have gained at least 9 months of consecutive work experience in one of the following industries: tourism and hospitality, long-haul trucking, food processing.
  • You must maintain full-time employment with your employer throughout the whole process of both your BC PNP and PR applications.
  • Long-haul trucker drivers must have at least two years of employment experience as a long-haul truck driver in the three years.
  • You must have completed high school.

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British Columbia Express Entry

British Columbia nominates potential and experienced candidates through Express Entry system. You can simply create an Express Entry profile and show your interest in British Columbia. Alternatively, if you are nominated under the British Columbia PNP then you can create a new Express Entry profile and transfer your BC PNP credentials in your EE profile.

Before apply for British Columbia Express Entry make sure you meet with the all required eligibility criteria. Following BC PNP categories are aligned with the federal government’s Express Entry system.

  • Skilled Worker Category
  • Health Care Professional Category
  • International Graduate Category
  • International Post-Graduate Category

British Columbia PNP program 2017

BC PNP Documents Checklist of Skilled Worker

For applying as a skilled worker, you need to collect and submit all the required documents to British Columbian government on time and whenever they ask. It will be more helpful and easy for you if you prepare a number of documents now instead of waiting for demand. We are providing you a list of required documents which have to prepare for the immigration process on while applying.

  • Your employer must provide you with a written offer of employment on official company letterhead.
  • Evidence that you can support yourself (and your dependants if applicable)
  • Valid passport and travelling documents
  • Documents which show you have or be eligible for legal immigration status in Canada
  • Educational certificates (degree, diploma, and certificates)
  • Work Related Reference Letters
  • Language proficiency (IELTS, PTE, TOEFL etc.)
  • Police certificate and clearance
  • Civil identity proof (age, name, date of birth must be mentioned)

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BC PNP Point Calculator

What is Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) Calculator?

For making the BC PNP faster and quicker, the provincial government has setup a scoring system which evaluates profile of the candidate. This system calculates the score on the basis of entered credentials by the candidate. The system was launched on January 27, 2016.

According to the above SIRS calculation system your profile will be scored for your each credential like age, educational qualification, work experience, language ability and adaptability. As it is point based system applicant receive scores based on the information provided while making their online profile (same as an express entry), after that they enter in the pool along with other candidates. BC PNP performs draws periodically and candidates get the invitation to apply for Province Nomination through different streams of British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program.

You can calculate your points from here for FREE

British Columbia PNP Processing Time

BCPNP is known for its fast process comparing with the other PNPs of Canada. The process time depends on the number of the applications federal government receives. In accordance with process time, there is gradual speed in the overall process in the past two years. The estimated time duration for the BCPNP is around 4-6 months after the submission of complete profile. However, time may vary in some cases. Our experts will guide you about the whole process. Get Immigration Help

How to apply for British Columbia PNP

British Columbia is wonderful place for migration. There are number of living and working waiting for you there. While applying to any category of BC PNP you must be careful at every point, in fact the process is quite confusing and complicated. You must consider an immigration expert for submitted your profile and making your Canada Permanent Residency pathway easy and hassle-free.

At Aptech Visa, our firm ensures that we are not only current on changes but able to accurately recommend the best program for a potential applicant with accordance to his or her objectives. You can rest assured that your visa application is being processed with the outmost care and competence.

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British Columbia PNP program 2017


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