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Canada Immigration Process - What is the Process of immigration to Canada?

Canada Immigration is a reality for some but dreams to many! Why not make your dream come into reality by knowing the basic information related to eligibility chances, visa programs, immigration process, and other important steps. Applying for Canada Immigration process is easy and simple provided you follow the steps in a strategical manner. Here are the points of filing Canada Immigration

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Step-1: Find Out If You’re Eligible

Are you looking to live and work permanently in Canada? But are not sure about the initial steps to take for Canada Immigration? Well, the first stage towards your Canada settlement dream is determining the eligibility chances for Canada Immigration.

To know the eligibility chances see the below-mentioned points:

  • You are eligible if you fall under 45 years of age
  • You are eligible if you have at least one year of work experience
  • You are eligible if you have at least a Bachelor’s Degree
  • You are eligible if you are able to score CLB 7
  • You are eligible if you have good character
  • You are eligible if you pass the medical test

Congratulations if you meet all the conditions but work is not over here as yet. A lot has to be done and for that, you will need our help.
You just need to tell the basic questions about yourself and we will take care of the rest. We will do the full research of your profile, evaluate the information and will get back to you with the best possible and most suited Canadian Immigration options.

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Step-2: Ensure You Have The Right Paperwork

For the candidate overseas, their identity will be recognized by the documents they have provided. The Department of Canada immigration will take final decision on your destiny by provides the importance of Canada Visa Document Checklist. Moving further, if give false, misleading or incomplete information on your application form, it will be a serious offence which gives a negative impact on your immigration process.

The information provided by you is subject to verification by the authorities to make sure that you have the right paperwork to present the authorities. The document lists can vary according to the individual profile/case so there might be chances that document requirement may differ. However, there are some documents that are mandatory for all the applicants to produce in front of the department. Here you may find out the list of mandatory documents required for Canada Immigration Process

Step 3: Ready to File Canada PR Application

When you have launched your application to the Canadian Government authorities they will review your profile and if it matches with their expectations you will receive an invitation to apply under any of these two conditions:

If you are successful enough to receive an Invitation to Apply from the Canadian Government you will be required to apply for a permanent resident visa through an online application. Well, you have to submit the required information within 60 days time frame along with PR fees, Biometrics Fees and RPRF fees. In case you receive a provincial nomination you will need to care of the nomination procedure. You must inform the Canadian Immigration department about any latest changes and updates in your application.

Step 4: Wait For The Final Outcome

When all is done from your part in filing the Canada Immigration application then comes the turn of the Canadian Government to review your case once again and provide the final outcome of your Canada PR profile. If the expectations of the department are met they will give you a green signal to process the case further by doing the legal formalities.

Step-5: Start your New Life in Canada

With everything done and settled, prepare yourself to start altogether with a new blissful and full of opportunities filled life in Canada. The other side of the world is waiting for you to get explored in the best possible manner.

Give a chance to your dreams by initiating one step close to living a better and peaceful life! Ask our visa and immigration experts about Canada PR Process and how you can benefit from the same.
Remember! It is the opportunity to grab now or never!
Do not let a minute mistake dampen your Canada Immigration chances!



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