canada immigration process

Canada Immigration Process

When it comes to immigration, Canada never dissatisfied any of the immigrants. This maple country never misses a chance to hog the limelight of millions of immigrants all over the globe. Whether it’s the number of immigration programs, a plethora of job opportunities, eligibility for Canadian citizenship within three years of permanent residence status in Canada, or be it any case, this maple country is everyone’s favourite.

Moreover, Canada’s Immigration process is immigrant-friendly, easy and flexible. So, do you have a dream of getting a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa, follow the step-by-step guide for the application process for Canada Permanent Resident Visa. More, the Canada Immigration process from India is just like a piece of cake.

check your eligibility

canada process

An Insight Into the Canada Immigration Process 2020

  • Check Eligibility :
    Canada Immigration operates through the 67-points system, under which points are allotted based on certain factors, such as age factor, educational requirements, Relevant work experience, Arranged employment and adaptiveness.
    So, prior to the application process, you just need to check whether you need minimum score to apply for the immigration program or not, the one that you’re interested in. Be in any program, it has its different requirements that allow an individual to land into Canada, that is the sea full of opportunities.
  • Go for ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) :
    In order to prove that your education is equivalent and meets the Canadian educational standards, you need to provide the concerned authorities with the ECA, that too approved by the WES i.e. the World Educational Services.
    It is an indicator that your current education meets the Canadian Education standards. So, it’s essential to provide ECA to the higher authorities, so that you can handle the whole immigration process hassle-free.
  • Create Express Entry Account :
    After the submission of ECA report, you need to create an Express Entry Profile in which you need to fill out your personal details. To complete your Express entry profile, you'll need
    1. Valid Information from certain mandatory documents (for example the language test results)
    2. Your NOC (National Occupational Classification) Job title and Code
    You may exit the profile any time. There is no need to worry as your information is confidential and its gets saved in your account automatically. All you have is 60 days to complete and submit your Express Entry Profile. Otherwise, you’ll need to commence the Canada Immigration process from India right from the scratch.
  • Be Prepared With The Required Documents :
    At this stage of the Canada Immigration process 2020, a candidate must be ready with all the documents mentioned below. The applications that do not contain the following documents will be marked as incomplete and will get rejected by the concerned authorities. The documents are:
    1. Medical Examination Confirmation (To assess the health of the candidate)
    2. Police Certificates (To assess that there are no criminal records)
    3. A Valid Passport(To confirm the candidate’s identity)
    4. A Valid Proof of Work Experience(To validate that the applicant has met the program requirements or not)
    5. Other Mandatory Documents (If applicable case to case)
    6. Copy of Birth Certificate
    7. Proof of Studies (To confirm and validate whether the applicant meets the program requirements)
    8. Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
    9. Proof of Funds
    10. Evidence of common-law union and cohabitation
    11. Provincial or Territorial Certificate (if applicable)
    12. Letter of offer from the employers.
  • Be Ready For PNP Option :
    In case, you have a less CRS score. In this case, there is no need to worry. As, you can improve your CRS score, by getting a provincial nominee certificate. It is the best way to give your scores a major boost of 600 points, in your express entry profile.
    Note: Improve your CRS score by following the tactics shared below:
    1. Try and increase your IELTS score by following this mantra i.e. Practice; Practice and Practice.
    2. Secure a LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) Approved Job Offer
    3. Take the Route by applying through PNP’s
    4. Keep yourself informed about the modifications that take place in the whole process.
  • Get ITA and Submit The Documents :
    Once you’ve meet the criteria and have reached the threshold of minimum CRS score, you’re issued an ITA (Invitation to Apply). Once you’ve grabbed the ITA, you have a time limit of 60 days within which you need to submit your application to the IRCC that too along with a proper set of documents.
  • PCC and Medical
    You need to submit the approved medical certificate stating that you’re in good health, from Canada Immigration authority and need to send it to the IRCC, as a proof of your mental and physical health. In the same way, you also need to submit a PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) from a city where you’ve been living from the past sixth months.
  • Biometric and Fly Into The World of Opportunities
    Now, the last step that you need to do, to pull your dreams into the daylight , is to submit your biometrics fees. All those who are under the age of 14-79, needs to pay a biometric fee of about $85 CAD (4860 INR).

Note: The maximum biometric fee for a family of 2 or more than, who’re applying at the same time and place, the fees is $170 CAD.

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Catch the Sight of the Frequently Asked Questions for Canada Immigration Process 2020

Q.1 Is immigrating to Canada is a Costly Process?

It is one of the frequently asked question that’s asked more often by the folks who wish to immigrate to Canada. Well, do you think before investing your money in a new car or buying a new house? Canada Immigration is the best option if you want to get a safe and secured future. So, spare no expense and do this one-time investment and get fruitful results longline.

Q.2 What About My Family After I Immigrate to Canada?

Well, the Canadian Government understand the importance of family in one’s life. So, no need to worry as once you get a PR Visa to live in Canada, you can take your family with you without any hassle. Moreover, your spouse can also scrounge for a job and work till the time you’re in Canada.

Q.3 How Long Does The Canada Immigration Process Takes Place?

Well, the Canada immigration process takes about 8-12 months. The processing times depend upon how quickly you submit your application along with your pertinent documents. It also depends upon the fact that how soon do you revert back to the higher authorities in case any further information is required from their end.

Q.4 What If my Documents are not in English or French?

If the documents that you need to submit are not in English or French, you need to get them translated. Moreover, you need to bear the translation costs.

Q.5 Isn’t the Canada Immigration Process too Complicated?

It is true that Canada Immigration process is not an easy beast to tame. However, when you get in touch with Aptech Global, the whole Canada Immigration process will become a mere cakewalk for you. Our immigration experts are well-versed with the techniques and will always be there by your side to assist you further.


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