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Women Immigrants To Be Supported More In Canada’s Federal Budget 2018

Tue, Mar 06 2018

Women Immigrants To Be Supported More In Canada’s Federal Budget 2018

The Government of Canada has recently committed to spend a whopping amount of $30 million from this years’ federal budget in order to help women enter Canada and the country’s workforce. Released on 27th February, 2018, the budget can be seen as a yardstick equating men and women at Canada’s work culture. 

The decision has been taken as government recognised that women have unique needs when they arrive in Canada.

Consequently, such a major amount was set aside to help women to acquire skills necessary to find work in Canada. One of the program funded from this set amount is Language training program. Also, childcare services were taken care by the government so that women need not face pull of their child’s well-being while at work.

While stating the federal budget, Government of Canada announced that employment is the key to the successful integration of new comers in Canada, supporting their financial independence and allowing them to make social connections and retain and build job skills. However, newcomers sometimes face significant barriers to finding and keeping good Jobs, including language challenges, lack of Canadian experience, lack of social networks and in some cases discriminations.

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