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Update On Police Clearance Certificate Requirement For Express Entry

Wed, Mar 07 2018

Update On Police Clearance Certificate Requirement For Express Entry

Applying for Permanent Resident Visa through Express Entry? Consider this recent update by IRCC on Police Certificate. Police ClearanceCertificate, often called PCC,is now obligatory from any country, or territory, where the Express Entry candidate has resided for a period of six ‘consecutive’ months or longer within the last 10 years or since the age of 18.

This change is in effect on immediate basis and is applicable to all permanent resident applications received on and after 1st of January, 2015 i.e., the day Express Entry Program came into being.

Earlier, the applicant was required to submit PCC for each country he/she has resided 6 months in (even if not consecutive 6 months in a row). This means that even if the candidate has spent 2 months in a country and later returned (say after a month) and spent another 4 months, then PCC is required in this case.

However, now, PCC need to be submitted in case the applicant has continuously resided in one particular country.

This is applicable to Primary’s applicant’s Secondary applicant/ spouse/ common-law partner as well as accompanying dependent Children.

Requirements of a valid Police certificate(s):

  • Must have been allottedin less than six months of time period, before the submission of the e-APR
  • Must have been issued post the most recent time the applicant lived in that country
  • Mustsubmit a scan of the original police certificate(s) in colour.

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