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Under The Tech Draw, BC Issued 71 Invitations For 29 Tech Occupations.

A total of 71 invites were given under the Express Entry British Columbia and Skills immigration category in the most recent BC PNP draw, which was held on December 14, 2021.

Skilled workers and international graduates were invited to apply. For the four areas of skills immigration and Express Entry British Columbia, a minimum score of 80 is necessary for the invitation.

The PNP Tech programme in British Columbia

To recruit and retain international talent, the "BC PNP Tech Pilot" has been extended indefinitely. Employers in the technology sector in British Columbia have been designated BC PNP Tech. It was first released in May of 2017. The BC PNP IT, in particular, is a fast-track immigration pathway for in-demand tech employees and overseas students, with 29 tech vocations available. B.C. is developing local talent and introducing pupils to tech training and education at an early level. BC PNP has helped over 6,000 tech workers for P.R. since its inception.

Such applicants must apply to the IRCC for permanent residency (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada). Provincial Nominee Programs (BC PNP) are among Canada's most rapid immigration programs.

For a better understanding of the BC PNP draw, have a look at the table below.


No. of invitations


Minimum Score

Other Considerations

December 14, 2021


SI – Skilled Workers


Tech Draw

SI – International Graduates


EEBC – Skilled Workers


EEBC -  International Graduates


Features of BC PNP Technology

The following are the major qualities of BC PNP Tech, which are centered on engagement, service, timeliness, and prioritising in response to industry needs:

• Engagement: Employers in the IT sector receive ongoing support through aggressive engagement activities in BC and at key industry events.

• Prioritization: In order to keep up with the fast-paced demands of the industry, tech applications are prioritised throughout processing.

• Service: Each tech employer is assigned a dedicated BC PNP attendant who provides tailored information and navigation support for immigration programmes and processes.

• Timeliness: Invitations to apply are sent out to qualified, professional IT workers, reducing the amount of time that businesses and potential employees have to wait.

BC PNP tech draw requirements

Candidates invited through B.C. Tech draws must meet the requirements of one of the Express Entry BC or Skills immigration categories regulated by the Skills and Immigration Registration System in British Columbia (SIRS).

In the BC PNP, a provincial score of 75 was required for the Skills Immigration stream. They are aiming for talented professionals and international graduates who are currently live outside of Canada and want to relocate to the maple country. The interested workers can apply to join the express entry pool using the SIRS (Skills Immigration Registration System). At the time of the BC PNP application, the job must be for a minimum of one year with at least 120 days remaining. This is a full-time job for this tech invitation.

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