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Revision In Canada Spousal Sponsorship Document Checklist

Thu, Feb 15 2018

Revision In Canada Spousal Sponsorship Document Checklist

Canada’s Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen announced a change in checklist of document submission for spouse or common-law partner. According to the revision, applicants of spousal sponsorship now has to submit their Schedule A- Background/Declaration form, as well as police certificate in their initial paper application package rather than later in the application process, which was earlier the case.

The aim behind this revision, as Hussen explained, is faster processing of applications without any delays.

In view of Spousal Sponsorship, Canadian government has entailed a lot of changes in benefit to faster processing of spousal visas, following which, the processing time is now 12 months. Earlier the processing time used to be 26 months.

Till now, government of Canada has also made a chain of changes regarding spousal application kit. Over all, the table sums up the changes made:

Old application process

Revised application process

Two application kits for overseas applicants and applicants in Canada

One application kit for all applicants

180 pages of guide material

75 pages of guide material in simplified language

14 guides and checklists

One checklist


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