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Immigration Lawyer’s Demands Court Order For Quebec’s Pending 18,000 Skilled Worker Applications

Immigration Lawyer’s Demands Court Order For Quebec’s Pending 18,000 Skilled Worker Applications

Posted On: Fri, Feb 22 2019

Immigration lawyer’s demands court order for Quebec’s pending 18,000 skilled worker applications

An immigration lawyers’ group is demanding court order that would force Quebec’s government to continue processing backlogged applications to the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

The province’s Coalition Quebec government proposed terminating the backlog of around 18,000 pending applications on February 7. The legislation was to take effect immediately but the immigration lawyers are demanding to process the backlog applications first.

In a request filed on Wednesday, the association says government’s proposal is completely illegal and would have devastating consequences for affected applicants.

It destroys the ability of these individuals, many of whom are already at the final stage of the process of selection to realize their plans for a new life in Canada. The request is made to Immigration Minister to issue decisions on the pending applications and does not have the discretionary authority to refuse to do so.

The immigration lawyer is asking Quebec’s Superior court to order the government to continue processing applications for a Quebec Selection Certificate ‘at the usual pace’ until the legislation is passed by Quebec’s National Assembly.

The request reads, “With each passing day, dozens of applications for a CSQ that could have been processed are not.” It also reads, “The situation is clearly urgent” and “These 18,000 applications represent tens of thousands of individuals.”

The proposal is widely criticized as unfair given the length of time that many applicants have been waiting for a decision on their file and the fact thousands are already living and working or studying in Quebec as temporary residents.

The applications that the government wants to terminate are the paper-based applications on a first-come, first served basis.

Quebec Provincial Nomination Program is processed differently than other Canadian Immigration Programs. There are different Canada PR programs that an applicant may consider for applying permanent residency of Canada.

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