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Quebec Introduces New Immigration Platform ‘Arrima’ For Skilled Migration

Quebec Introduces New Immigration Platform ‘Arrima’ For Skilled Migration

Posted On: Wed, Dec 25 2019

The new Immigration system for Quebec will drastically reduce wait times for prospective newcomers and better fill the need of employers

The Quebec Immigration Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette officially launched Quebec’s new immigration selection system ‘Arrima’ on 27 June 2019. The new system will drastically reduce wait times for prospective newcomers and better fill the needs of employers suffering from a labour shortage ranked amongst the worst in Canada.

The Quebec Immigration system switched to Arrima that was already in use in other provinces. This system will help the province fill around 120,000 job vacancies. The new system represents “a major turning point” in the immigration selection process in Quebec because it will better the needs of employers throughout the province and shorten the waiting time for prospective immigrants awaiting permission to work in the province from three years down to six months.

Among the 18,000 who had filed applications, the government will prioritize 3,700 individuals who had already requested a permanent Quebec Selection Certificate while they were in the process of immigrating. The applicants who have labour skills that respond to Quebec needs will be selected.

The potential applicants willing to apply for Quebec under regular skilled worker program must go through Arrima, an online portal where an applicant must fill out an expression of interest form by mentioning about training, education, language skills, and work experience. The Quebec Ministry will review the pool of applicants and issue invitations based on labour market needs in different regions of the province.

After the request for permanent selection is submitted the applicants will face a six-month waiting time for their application selection. Under the previous system that was based on first-come, first-serve as opposed to the employment needs, the waiting time could stretch to three years.

The new system will be available in the early 2020s where the employers can see candidates profile and contact them via email to offer them employment improving their chance for canada permanent residency.

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