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Quebec’s Expression Of Interest System For Skilled Migration Effective From August 2, 2018

Thu, Jul 19 2018

Quebec’s Expression Of Interest System For Skilled Migration Effective From August 2, 2018

The province of Quebec’s Ministry of Immigration published details about its new expression of Interest system which will come into effect from August 2, 2018.

The new Expression of Interest System will replace the current first-come first-serve application process for its Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) along with the problem-plagued Project Quebec application portal.

The new Expression of Interest system will promise to reduce the processing time to less than 12 months.

Under the new Expression of Interest system, any foreign worker 18 years or above interested in applying to immigrate to QSWP will first have to submit an online expression of Interest profile to Quebec’s Immigration Ministry (MIDI)

Any applicant willing to apply for QSWP will need to:

  • Submit their expression of interest profile to the Quebec ministry
  • Meet the eligibility requirements, cut-off thresholds and passing scores for employability and selection factors outlined by the MIDI
  • Submit an application for a Quebec Selection certificate to MIDI under QSWP
  • Submit a Canadian permanent residence application to the federal government

The QSWP is one of the most popular economic immigration pathways of Quebec that caters to both foreign as well as workers working in Quebec to settle permanently in the province.

It is also speculated that the changes to Quebec Experience Program or PEW are also in the pipeline. The PEQ is open for the applicants who recently obtained an eligible diploma from a recognized Quebec school or have a 12 months skilled work experience in the province in the last 24 months.

In the existing PEQ requirements, the applicants were required to have work experience in occupations designated skill type O, A or B under Canada’s National Occupational Classification (NOC).

The requirement has been removed and occupations from other skill levels can also apply for CSQ through Quebec Experience Program.

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