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QSWP Immigration Portal ‘Arrima’ Now Opens

Wed, Sep 19 2018

QSWP Immigration Portal ‘Arrima’ Now Opens

Creating an expression of interest profile in ‘Arrima’ is the first step towards immigrating in Quebec under QSWP.

The new online immigration portal ‘Arrima’ is now in service to take applications for QSWP.

Starting today, the interested applicants for Canadian permanent residence through Quebec Skilled Worker Program can file EOI using Arrima to show their interest to Quebec Government.

The government of Quebec introduced Expression of Interest method in August for QSWP. This system requires interested candidates to create a profile and provide the requested information on their education, work experience, French language proficiency and other details.

The ministry of Quebec, MIDI says that they will invite those applicants who meet the requirements of Quebec province mainly focusing on labour market needs in the different areas of Quebec.

The invitation issuing candidates will be able to apply for the Government of Quebec to receive Quebec Selection Certificate. After getting Quebec Selection Certificate, the applicants can submit complete Canadian permanent residence application to Canada’s federal government.

What is the eligibility requirement for QSWP?

As opposed to earlier QSWP ‘first come first serve’ method of inviting applicants where there was no cap on numbers to invite the candidates, the only requirement was that the candidates must be of 18years age and more.

Therefore, in order to be eligible for Quebec Skilled Worker Program, the applicants must meet the passing scores in the selection factors on QSWP point grid.

The Quebec government has only mentioned the basic information about ranking system of QSWP candidates. Though, the process of ranking system is not known, will it be similar to the federal Express Entry System’s or Comprehensive Ranking System.

Understanding QSWP portal ‘Arrima’ functioning!

The applicants who create their profile in Arrima enter the virtual waiting room, where they wait until notified of their turn to access the portal.

After getting the access, the user is granted 90 minutes in the portal. The government recommends keeping on saving the information in the portal to avoid losing the information submitted after 90 minute session expires.

The candidates have 30 days time period to complete the information that has the validity of one year.

Quebec government allows the applicants to regularly update the latest information or revise information at any time during one year duration.

The selected candidates have the time duration of 90 days to submit complete information to the Quebec government.

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