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The Prospective Departmental Plan Of Immigration, Refugees And Citizenship Canada 2019-20

The Prospective Departmental Plan Of Immigration, Refugees And Citizenship Canada 2019-20

Posted On: Wed, Dec 11 2019

The government of Canada has planned some changes for the calendar year 2020 for seeking to increase the country’s prosperity through immigration. To meet Canada’s demographic and labour market needs, immigration seems as the driving force to attract more and more talented individuals from around the globe. For the further easiness of shrinking labour force and ageing population, Canada’s new multi-year immigration levels plans have been set out to welcome the highest levels of permanent residency in Canada. According to this plan, the government will bring more talented with acquiring suitable skills and expertise that are currently in economy demands.

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Following are the measures for upcoming Canada Immigration Plans:

  1. Immigration Growth:

The Government of Canada has set up multi-year immigration level plans that being introduced to welcome more permanent residents in Canada over the next 3 years. The Canada Department hopes to welcome new permanent residents of between 290,000 and 330,000 (target of 310,000) for the year 2018, which considered as the highest level in the historical record. Moving on, in 2019, this plan raises the immigration levels between 300,000 and 350,000 (target of 330,000) and for the coming year 2020, it has to be between 310,000 and 360,000 (with a target of 340,000).

  1. Immigration in Economic perspective:

To make sure that the Canada maximizes the economic advantages of immigration process, the department will continuously, review a monitor of its existing programming suite and as a result, to make new and innovative approaches in the area like recruitment and specific skill requirements. By developing and refining new measures to meet the increasing volumes  of temporary Canada residents by technological innovation for attracting top most talents.

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  1. Supports in Settlement:

For the calendar year 2018-2019, the Canada department will deepen the engagement with Canadians, territorial and provincial governments, and employers for improving both program effectiveness along with program outcomes in the areas like language training and client-centred support for coming residents.

  1. Client Experience appraisal:

For improvements of Client experience for immigration to Canada, the department will keep on to undertake new and innovative approaches to upgrade the client’s services by offering sufficient resources to lessen the processing time, enhancing clients experience and referral serviced throughout the application process. For spousal applications, a 12-month service standard is maintained. Along with this, new approaches will be made to manage contact with clients.

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  1. Issues related to International Leadership on Refugees and Migration:

The Canada Department is actively engages in bilateral and multilateral relations, and take participation in United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) discussions and in decision making to support capacity building in other countries. This kind of engagement advocates for gender-sensitive agreement (affirms international obligations), better protects and empowers refugees (for women and girls) that leads to international cooperation. With an effect from December 2018, the department, actively, engaged in United Nations a development that motivates other countries for developing regular pathways concerns with temporary and permanent migration.

  1. Inclusive Citizenship Study Guide:

The Canada Department has revised its Citizenship Study Guide along with citizenship test to reflect cultural diversity and indigenous diversity and history better. This results in fostering reconciliation through establishing more understanding between indigenous people and prospective citizens in Canada.

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  1. Irregular Migration:

In the Calendar year 2018-19, the Canada Department will keep on its work along with partners to make sure the effective measures to deliver a coordinated response. This includes efforts for processing asylum claims in an effective and timely manner. Besides this, providing protection with valid refugee claims is the main objective.

The following table indicated the measures estimated by Canada Government, (IRCC):

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Additionally, the graph shown below shows the immigration progress:

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