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Pilot Programs Welcomes In Canada For Higher Immigrants

Pilot Programs Welcomes In Canada For Higher Immigrants

Posted On: Thu, Nov 21 2019

As of now, it includes 6 smaller western cities to embrace the opportunity for showing evident importance for newcomers for Canada’s prosperity.

Chesterholm is populated with around 3,000 people, although it has got 500 inquiries from immigrants regarding settlement in the regional Alberta community. The Moose Jaw, which is known as 3rd largest city of Saskatchewan, it has assumed that an immigration influx will aid in a labor shortage, tried to increase in population with the migration of young workers to bigger cities. Brandon city also welcomed around 3,226 immigrants in the previous 5 years, which represents a continuous flow of foreign workers. The regional community in Manitoba of Antona also searching for immigrants to enhance its small population.

According to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, it estimates that approx. 350,000 immigrants are desirable by 2035 for meeting workforce requirements. Recently, around 80 % of new immigrants live in the 3 largest cities in Canada, which results in making these cities more dynamic.

Do I qualify to apply for Canada Pilot Program?

All these centers, plus Vernon and West Kootenays community in B.C., have undertaken a new 3-year pilot project along with the federal government that intended to detouring a record number of immigrants from Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver where exist the true opportunities.

Canada’s growth of population would have been zero in the previous 2 years with no immigration. The country is having 181st rank in the world into population replacement rate.

According to immigration, Statistics Canada, there is around 100 % of growth in the population of the country.

It is hoped that the pilot program, will take more of that energy in Canada. 

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