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Parents And Grandparents Can Get Invitations For Canada PR SOON!

Wed, Aug 01 2018

Parents And Grandparents Can Get Invitations For Canada PR SOON!

Keep a check on your mail this week if you have submitted an interest to sponsor form this week!

On 31st July, 2018 the Canadian government said that it will start issuing additional invitations to potential sponsors of parents and grandparents who submitted an interest to sponsor from earlier this year.

The Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) say it is aiming to receive 10,000 complete applications through the Parents and Grandparents Program in 2018.

The first round of invitation was conducted in March 2018 and the interested sponsors have time until May 25 to submit a complete application for sponsorship. Invitations not resulting in applications till this date were forfeited that resulted in new opportunities for the potential sponsors to apply.

IRCC says the same randomized list that was used to invite the first round of invitations will be used this week to invite the potential sponsors.

The selected sponsors will have a 60-days time duration to submit a complete application to sponsor their parents and grandparents. The invitations will be given to the potential applicants in the next few days, as told by IRCC.

It is suggested that anyone who has submitted an Interest to Sponsor form between January 2 and February 1, 2018 and has not yet been invited to apply to check their email and junk mail carefully throughout the week.

IRCC says the potential applicants can check whether or not they have been selected by consulting their unique confirmation number and comparing it with the list of randomly selected numbers.

If you number matches that means you have been selected to submit an application for sponsorship.

You may also check if you were selected online by filling form and IRCC would respond you in 10 business days.

For further information, fill the free assessment form and the visa experts of Aptech Global would get back to you soon!

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