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Outline Of Northern Ontario Immigration Pilot

Sat, Sep 08 2018

Outline Of Northern Ontario Immigration Pilot

The project leader says that ‘middle skilled’ workers are required in northern region of Ontario

The project head of one of the immigration programs responsible for pushing Immigration Ontario Northern Pilot Program has provided new details of his vision for the program.

Charles Cirtwill, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Northern Policy Institute listed detailed issues. One of them is the need of labour in smaller and rural communities.

The report submitted by Northern Policy Institute (NPI) found that seven of the 10 jobs in Northern Ontario have the vacancies for the middle skilled workers that are the jobs listed have the National Occupational Classification codes C or D.

There are more than 30,000 occupations organized by National Occupational Classification, or NOC according to the skill level and skill type. Skill Level C or D includes semi and low-skilled occupations in the trades, primary and manufacturing industries, sales and services, and some clerical and assistant categories.

The Labour needs in Northern Ontario can vary from community to community. The workers requirement depends variably- some require truck drivers, others tourism staff, skilled trades or office support staff.

The project head says that depending upon various regions in Northern Ontario; they need at least 1500 new immigrants in a year to have a sustainable mixture of working age population. He also adds that the immigration target consists of full employment among current residents, including Northern Ontario’s native people.

Planners would also have to see that each region covered by the program receives its own share of newcomers. The communities included in the program are- North Bay, Sudbury, Timmins, Thunder Bay, and Sault Ste.

The next detailed the project head mentioned was the program’s duration and the need for proper oversight and monitoring. The Canadian immigration department must prioritize “releasing better and timely data.”

The Northern Policy Institute is hopeful of getting an approval from IRCC for Northern Ontario Pilot Program to bring the rural and remote regions of Ontario in alignment with Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program.

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