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Ontario PNP Draw Invites 699 Express Entry Applicants On 3rd June 2020

Ontario PNP Draw Invites 699 Express Entry Applicants On 3rd June 2020

Posted On: Thu, Jun 04 2020

Good News! Now, the candidates with a CRS score as low as 358 were invited to apply under the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program.

As per this, the aspiring candidates who’re proficient and have work experience in the occupations mentioned in the list, were given Notification of Interest in the invitation round that was held recently.

The NOI’s were issued to the candidates who qualified under the Ontario’s Express Entry Human Capital priorities (HCP) stream. Now, the nine occupations under which NOI was given are:


Job Profile

Job Code

Financial Managers

NOC 0111

Other Administrative Service Managers

NOC 0114

Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations Managers

NOC 124

Financial Accountants and Auditors

NOC 1111

Other financial managers

NOC 1114

Professional Occupations in Business Management Consulting

NOC 1122

Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses

NOC 3012

Other Primary Health Practitioners

NOC 3124

Nutritionists and Dieticians

NOC 3132


The candidates who applied under the Express Entry Program, need to fulfil two conditions such as a one year of Canadian work experience and CRS score between 358 to 439, to get an Invitation to apply from the Ontario Province. On 3rd June, 2020, a total of 169 NOI’s were given to the candidates who fulfilled the above two conditions.But, most of the NOI’s were given to the candidates who were having the highest CRS score ranging between 421 to 451, along with one year of foreign experience. A total of 532 were given the NOI’s on 3rd June, 2020.To apply under the HCP stream, you must have demonstrated work experience in one of the eligible job codes mentioned in the above table.

Note:You application might get rejected if you do not demonstrate the work experience in the above mentioned job codes.

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