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Ontario Opens For Extra Nominations For The Year 2017

Tue, Dec 19 2017

Ontario Opens For Extra Nominations For The Year 2017

As per the recent news released on 18th of December, Ontario under its nomination program Ontario Provincial Nomination Program opens for additional nominations for this year. The concerned authority further declare that the precise number of nominations will be announced at a later date.

Earlier on November 22nd, Ontario confirmed itself having met the nomination allocation requirement for the year 2017. The surplus nominated candidates then, were assured that their processing will be taken by the province in 2018.

The change might have taken place keeping in view Canada’s multi-year immigration plan which was announced in November, 2017. According to this immigration plan, Canada is going to welcome about 1 million immigrants by the end of year 2020.

Consequently, PNP allocations for the year 2018 has also increased up to 32 percent. 

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