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Ontario Issued Invitations Again To Express Entry Candidates

Ontario Issued Invitations Again To Express Entry Candidates

Posted On: Fri, Dec 27 2019

Another 95 invitations are issued to candidates from the Express Entry pool. Ontario again issued these invitations under its Skilled Trades and French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream. Both on May 2nd and 3rd, Ontario issued invitations. The province has been actively issuing invitations since the end of March. Out of 95, 59 invitations has been issued by Ontario through Skilled Trades Streams.

The remaining 36 invitations further, has been issued under French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream. This year, till now, Ontario has issued 604 NOIs through its Skilled Trades Streams and another 420 through its French-Speaking Skilled Worker stream.

The selection criteria for both of these streams is unique as there is no minimum CRS to be considered before issuing NOI. There are few eligibility requirements which are laid down by the province.

To know these requirements, kindly get in touch with our Immigration Executives.

Other than these, Ontario’s Human Capital Stream, the most popular stream under Ontario Immigration Nominee Program has issued about 2,587 NOIs since beginning of 2018.

Ontario’s Human Capital Stream:

To get selection from the pool through Ontario’s Human Capital Priority Stream, the candidate must be having these requirements met:

1)     Having an active Express Entry Profile in the pool

2)     Having minimum Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) of 400

3)     Having other criteria as mentioned by OINP, met

Ontario issues Notification of Interest (NOI) to candidates in the Express Entry pool with the above mentioned requirements duly complied and done.

If you are looking forward to get a NOI from Ontario but lacking CRS score (below 400), then consider these ways to increase your CRS.

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