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Ontario Issued 443 Invitations In The Latest PNP Draw Held On November 12, 2020

Ontario Issued 443 Invitations In The Latest PNP Draw Held On November 12, 2020

Posted On: Tue, Nov 17 2020

On November 12, 2020, the province of Ontario issued 443 invitations to the candidates who submitted their applications under the Ontario PNP express entry stream i.e. Human Capital priorities stream (HCP). The CRS score range as per the targeted draw held by the province was in the range of 469-477. To apply under the Human capital priorities stream, a candidate needs to fulfill two conditions such as:

  • Receive a Notification of Interest (NOI) from the province of Ontario on November 12, 2020
  • Must have a relevant work experience in any of the 9 targeted occupations (for at least 12 months)

Having relevant years of work experience in the targeted occupations is mandatory and if you don’t fulfill these conditions, the chances of getting rejection on your visa applications are quite high. The 9 priority occupations are mentioned in the table mentioned-below:

NOC Codes

Job Description

NOC 0111

Financial Managers

NOC 0124

Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations Managers

NOC 0601

Corporate Sales Managers

NOC 1111

Financial Auditors and Accountants

NOC 1114

Other Financial Officers

NOC 1122

Professional Occupations in Business Management Consulting

NOC 3012

Registered Nurses and Registered Psychiatric Nurses

NOC 3124

Allied Primary Health Practioneer

NOC 3132

Dieticians and Nutritionists


If candidates received an invitation in the latest Ontario PNP draws, they will be awarded with 600 additional CRS scores. Those who received an invitation from the province of Ontario have 45 days-time duration to apply for provincial nomination.

So, do you have experience in any of the targeted occupations? Well, if you want to apply for Ontario PNP, you need to meet all the requirements so that you get an invite in the very first go without any hassle. Check your eligibility by filling the free online assessment form and fly to the wonderland to realize your dreams. Good Luck! 


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