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Ontario initiates the transition of NOC 16 to NOC 21

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP), often known as the Ontario PNP, informed the public that the e-filing system would be temporarily restricted to new activity from November 16 to November 21, 2022. This is a result of the NOC 2021's adoption of the new TEER system. All OINP streams will now take advantage of it.

The scoring matrix will change as a result of the new TEER system, and new codes will be given to the jobs that fall under the In-Demand stream. New TEER codes will also be indicated in upcoming draws under the Human Capital Priorities stream and the Skilled Trades stream.

New NOC Codes for the Stream of In-Demand Skills

The list of jobs with new NOC codes under the TEER system for the OINP In-Demand Skills stream is provided below.

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Any employment provided in Ontario, including those in the Greater Toronto Area, must be in one of the following professions:

NOC 44101

Related Occupations, home support workers and caregivers

NOC 75110

Labourers and Construction trade helpers

NOC 84120

Farm machinery operators and Specialized livestock workers

NOC 85100

Livestock labourers

NOC 85101

Harvesting labourers

NOC 85103

Greenhouse and Nursery labourers

NOC 94141

Meat cutters, poultry preparers, Industrial butchers and related workers

NOC 65202

Retail and wholesale - Meat cutters and fishmongers

The job is in one of the following professions and is located outside the Greater Toronto Area (Toronto, Durham, Halton, York, and Peel regions):

NOC 94100

Mineral and metal processing, machine operators,

NOC 94105

Forging machine operators and  metalworking

NOC 94106

Machining tool operators

NOC 94107

Other metal product’s Machine operators

NOC 94110

Chemical plant machine operators

NOC 95102

Labourers in chemical products processing and utilities

NOC 94111

Plastics processing machine operators

NOC 94124

Woodworking machine operators

NOC 94132

Industrial sewing machine operators

NOC 94140

Food and beverage processing, Process control and machine operators,

NOC 94201

Fabricators, inspectors, Electronics assemblers, and testers

NOC 94204

Inspectors  and Mechanical assemblers

NOC 94213

Industrial painters, coaters and metal-finishing process operators

NOC 94219

Other products assemblers, inspectors and finishers

Affect on OINP EOI Scoring

Job offer: NOC TEER

  1. 10 points for NOC TEER category 0 or 1
  2. 8 points for NOC TEER category 2 or 3
  3. 0 points for NOC TEER category 4
  4. 0 points for NOC TEER category 5 

Job offer: broad occupational category

  1. 10 points for Occupational Category 0, 2, 3
  2. 7 points for Occupational Category 7
  3. 5 points for Occupational Category 1 and 9
  4. 4 points for Occupational Category 4 and 8
  5. 3 points for Occupational Category 5 and 6

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