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Fraudulent Immigration Emails Sent To OINP Applicants

Fri, Jul 28 2017

Fraudulent Immigration Emails Sent To OINP Applicants

Received a suspicious Email asking for a fee after nomination for OINP PR? Be aware!

Fraudulent Immigration emails sent to OINP applicants


The government of Canada has issued a warning regarding the fraudulent emails that are being sent to the applicants of Ontario Immigration Nominee Program signed with the name of Ontario government.

A few fraud emails are received by some applicants claiming to be sent by OINP along with the official logo of Ontario and the address of 400 University Avenue in Toronto. The emails are attached with an unauthentic Certificate of Nomination, asking the applicants to pay the Right of Permanent Resident Fee.

The Canadian government has made it clear that these emails are not sent by official sources and the registration fee should not be paid to these false sources.

How to identify the fraud? OINP warns:

The Ontario government has made it clear that the candidates who did not apply under OINP will not receive an ITA. Other factors that must be used in order to identify these fraudulent emails are:

  • OINP will never send a Certificate of Nomination via email
  • The fraud emails are sending certificates referring to CIC (Citizenship & Immigration Canada). The federal government has changed the name of Canada immigration visa office from CIC to IRCC (Immigration, Refugees& Citizenship Canada)
  • The area code mentioned in the Certificate of Nomination is 708 which is not used in the province of Canada and
  • There is no such requirement of paying a Right of Permanent Resident Feeafter the issue of an ITA. Applicants have to pay just once in the form of administration fee and no further fee is asked for the real nomination certificate

It is important to stay away from such imposters trying to feed wrong information for money. If you too have received such false emails, it is advised to stay away from them and better inform the responsible authority for clarifications.

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