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Ontario Accepts Applications Under Its Popular Masters Graduate Stream

Fri, Apr 06 2018

Ontario Accepts Applications Under Its Popular Masters Graduate Stream

On 5th of April, Ontario opens its popular Masters graduate Stream for International graduates and within hours of opening, application quota gotjam-packed. Under Ontario International Student’s Category, the province currently has two streams namely Masters graduate stream and PhD graduates stream.

This is an exceptional occurrence of Ontario opening just the Masters graduate stream without inviting any application for the PhD graduate stream.

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In 2018, this was the second time this stream took applications. Earlier, on 29th of January too, applicants’ were invited through Masters Graduate Stream.

An invitation under this stream implies issuance of ‘Certificate’ through which, candidates becomes eligible to apply for Permanent Resident Visa of the country.

Ontario has planned a total intake of 6,600 applicants through various programs and therefore, OINP expects to re-open its International Graduate Stream until the quota reaches its allocation limit.


Ontario’s Masters Graduate Stream has following salient features:

1)     For this stream, no requirement of Job offer is there

2)     The Stream aims at retaining international graduates who are having their education from Ontario itself

3)     The intake is based on ‘First-come, First-served’ basis


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