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Nova Scotia PNP Issued Invitations To The Automotive Industry Workers

Posted on: Sat, Sep 26 2020

Nova Scotia PNP Issued Invitations To The Automotive Industry Workers

The province of Nova Scotia recorded no new cases for Covid-19 as of September 24, 2020. So, as per the latest news, the province conducted a draw for the Automotive Industry Workers and issued invitations under the Labour Market Impact Assessment category. Nova Scotia Immigration is the best decision that you can make in the right direction if you want to live a life that you have always dreamt for.

Nova Scotia PNP conducted its latest draw since the month of May. The number of invitations issued under the Nova Scotia PNP has not been released by the province, however, eligibility criteria was released by the province for the candidates who applied for Nova Scotia Immigration via Express Entry. So, it’s a great time to apply for the Nova Scotia Immigration

The deserving candidates who received an invitation needed to have a primary occupation in one of the eligible NOC Codes such as NOC 7321 i.e. for the Truck and Bus Mechanics, Mechanical Repairers and automotive service technicians or NOC 7322 i.e. for the Body Repairs for Motor Vehicles.

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The invited Candidates needed to have a full-time paid work experience for a period of 2 years. Moreover, the work experience must be in the last 5 years prior to proceeding with the application. Also, the candidates needed to have a CLB 5 in all the four abilities such as reading, writing, listening and speaking, if they wanted to receive the provincial nomination from the province of Nova Scotia.

The invited Candidates have time tillNovember 23, 2020 to submit their application to receive a nomination from the province to apply for Canada’s Permanent Residence.

In order to get an invitation from the province of Nova Scotia via the Labour Market Impact Assessment Stream, the candidates need to have a profile in the Express Entry that manages the applications on the basis of three federal programs such as Federal Skilled Workers Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program and Canadian Experience Class. The candidates needed to have the highest CRS scores in order to get an invite.

It is the first draw since the pandemic that has been held by the province, as no new cases have been recorded for the corona virus. It is a smart move taken by the Government to invite the deserving Automotive Industry Workersso that the gap in the labour market can be met. 

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