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Latest Update Of Canada Settlement Funds In Express Entry System In 2020

Latest Update Of Canada Settlement Funds In Express Entry System In 2020

Posted On: Mon, Jan 06 2020

The Canadian federal government has recently updated Canada immigration proof of funds. In the year 2020, an increased in the amount of funds is observed to move to Canada.

Probable applicants who want to attain a Canada PR visa have to prove that they have enough money to settle in Canada. To meet the basic requirements of the Federal skilled worker program (FSWP) and Federal Skilled Trade program (FSTP), candidates need proof of funds.

However, these Settlement funds are not necessary to those who apply from Canadian Experience class (CEC) and who have a valid job offer letter.

The required amount of settlement funds are depended upon the size of family members included in the application. In accordance with IRCC (Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada), family members that are listed below can be included for the application of Canada permanent residency:

  • Principal applicants.
  • Their spouse or partner.
  • Their Dependent children.
  • Their Spouse dependent children.

Additionally, spouse and dependent children must be mentioned in the application even if they are not coming to Canada with applicant or if they are already a permanent residents or citizens of Canada.

The following figure will be regulated for 2020:

Number of Family members

Required funds (In Dollars)















For each extra family member


Canada usually updates the minimum requirement of settlement fund every year. However, the small and minute changes will affect the eligibility of prospective applicants.

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