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Canada Immigration For ‘Person With Disabilities’ Now In Effect!

Mon, Jun 11 2018

Canada Immigration For ‘Person With Disabilities’ Now In Effect!

Canadian government’s new rule of medical inadmissibility of immigration candidates are now in force. The rule was introduced on June 1, by the Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, Ahmad Hussen. The department was planning to rewrite the controversial provisions around so-called “excessive demand”.

The most important change in the rule is the increase of the magnitude for excessive demand of Canada’s health and social services.

The cost threshold will be $19,965 per year as opposed to $6,655 per year or $33,275 over five years in the year 2017.

IRCC in the beginning of the year mentioned that each year around 1000 applicants for permanent or temporary residence are ruled inadmissible for medical reasons.

With the implementation of this policy, the barrier will be removed for many people who require health and social services and also helps in contributing to Canada’s social and economic fabric. In the same time, the policy continues to protect health and social services for Canadians.

The changes are also done to revise the assessment of applicants, largely by modifying how social services are defined. The modification focuses on the immigration medical assessment which is closely related to the provision of constant supervision and care for those who are not able to assimilate into society.

The Canadian government want to bring in line the policy within the Canadian values for supporting the participation of persons with disabilities in society.

The new rule is applicable to any foreign national (both principal as well as dependent applicant) with a temporary or permanent resident application that was received on or after April 16, 2018 or was pending as of that date, was sent back by the court on or after April 16, 2018 or was sent by the immigration Appeal Division for reconsideration on or after April 16, 2018.

IRCC says that the application is considered pending till the time it is not approved, refused, withdrawn or abandoned.

Additionally, the Temporary public policy will remain in force until regulatory changes come into existence.

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