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Most Of The Canadian People Support Immigration And Believe It’s Good For Economy

Most Of The Canadian People Support Immigration And Believe It’s Good For Economy

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The opinion poll was conducted by the Environics Institute that surveyed 2,000 Canadians. The result of the opinion says “Overall, there is too much immigration in Canada,” 58 percent of surveyed respondents disagreed about migration being the national problem. Though, 35 percent were still constant about the migration being the major national problem while the number with no clear opinion about the problem was 7 percent.

More than three-quarters of Canadians- 76 percent continued to believe that immigration has a positive impact on Canada’s economy. Though, the number of Canadians who disagreed with the view has also risen from 16 to 18 percent.

To know about the overall impact of immigrants on Canada, the survey also showed that Canadians believe that immigration is making Canada a better place by making contributions economically to increase the standard of living.

The report concluded, “There is no public consensus on the overall impact that immigration has on the country, but the balance of opinion is clearly in a positive direction, and has held steady over the past seven years.”

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Most Canadians says that immigration is not a national problem! A slim majority of 52 percent believe that many immigrants aren’t adopting Canadian values and other 41 percent of Canadians disagreed by adapting to those values.

The Canadian Values are learnt by the migrants through learning and adopting, both Canadian-born and foreign-born participants held similar views. Both these group has respect for Canada’s history and culture.

 “The salience of immigration and refugee issues as a national problem is low across regions and demographic groups, edging only as high as seven per cent among Quebecers and Canadians with no more than a high school diploma,” the institute found.

The idea of immigration as major problem was also rejected by British Columbia’s 63 percent of respondents. Additionally more than 60 percent of Canadians under the age of 45 and 70 percent with a university degree also rejected this idea.

The Canadians falling under 45 years of age were more likely to believe that immigration is good for Canada’s economy. 

Though, the negative impact of immigration was visible in Alberta where 42 percent of those interviewed agreed that Canada is welcoming too many migrants and 64 percent believed that immigration is creating negative impact on Canada’s economy. 

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