Manitoba PNP sends 322 LAA for first draw in 2023

The Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program issued invitations to 322 candidates on January 12, 2023. Candidates must satisfy a minimum set of standards that are particular to their program in order to be invited. The province sent out invitations to:

  1. With a minimum score of 734, Manitoba's Skilled Workers issued 260 invites.
  2. With a minimum score of 713, Skilled Workers Overseas sent out 20 invitations.
  3. 42 invites from the International Education Stream were sent out with no minimum grade required.
  4. Twenty-one of the applicants who were asked to apply had profiles in the Express Entry database.

Latest Manitoba PNP draw 2023:

Date Category Invitations Minimum marks

January 12, 2023

Skilled Workers Manitoba




Skilled Workers Overseas




International Education Stream



The Skilled Worker Overseas (SWO) track recommends candidates who can demonstrate an established connection to Manitoba, such as

  1. Through the assistance of family or friends,
  2. Prior schooling or employment in the province, or any combination of these.
  3. A direct Invitation to Apply was received from the MPNP as part of a Strategic Recruitment Initiative.

How Can I Be Considered For The Skilled Worker Overseas Stream?

The Skilled Worker Overseas Stream (SWO) consists of a direct provincial track in addition to a dedicated Canada Express Entry Pathway.

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Aiming towards foreign professionals with education and experience in in-demand professions in Manitoba Candidates and spouses with strong family ties as well as those with the necessary language skills, education, and work experience to obtain employment promptly are given preference.

a) Manitoba Express Entry Pathway

For foreign applicants who are qualified under another MPNP stream and who also satisfy the Express Entry requirements and have an active Express Entry profile. Candidates must have the necessary education, training, and experience in one of the province's in-demand professions, as well as a close family tie.

b) Human Capital Pathway

For qualified foreign employees who possess the necessary education, training, and experience in one of the in-demand professions in Manitoba. Candidates must have the ability to secure employment quickly after arriving in Manitoba.

What are the eligibility criteria to apply for Manitoba PNP?

  1. Are between the ages of 21 and 45, and you can demonstrate to the MPNP that you have no greater ties to another province.
  2. Exhibits the employability and flexibility demanded of all MPNP applicants.
  3. Have finished a post-secondary education or training program that lasted at least a year and for which you were awarded a diploma, degree, or certificate.
  4. Can demonstrate your ability to get a job in Manitoba in that occupation, including plans to obtain a license or certification in the case of regulated occupations;
  5. Have worked at least two years in full-time employment in the last five years;
  6. Have the real desire and capacity to economically establish themselves and become a permanent resident in the Canadian province of Manitoba, as attested to, at least in part, by a Settlement Plan.
  7. You must provide to the MPNP the official results of a language test performed within the last two years that demonstrates you received scores at least equal to CLB 5 overall and in each of the test categories. This information must be provided at the time you apply to participate in the program.

What to Do

  1. Make an Expression of Interest (EOI) profile.
  2. A Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA), which enables them to file an MPNP application, will be given to the highest-scoring qualifying individuals with a link to Manitoba.
  3. A thorough evaluation of the applications is performed by an MPNP officer.
  4. The MPNP recommends qualified applicants.
  5. Submit a separate application for permanent resident visas for you and your family to the Government of Canada within 180 days of the date of nomination.

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