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Manitoba Invites 436 applicants on 15th September, 2022.

Manitoba made the drawing public on September 15. Candidates for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program were found via three provincial nominee programs. The following table displays the number of invites sent out for each program as well as the minimal rating required to be eligible using the province's Expression of Interest (EOI) method:

Following that, Manitoba relegates candidates a score out of 1,000 in view of their connections to the region and different parts of their human resources.

  1. Skilled Workers in Manitoba — 388 invitations with a minimum score of 613;
  2. Skilled Workers Overseas — 7 who were invited directly by the MPNP under a Strategic Recruitment Initiative with a minimum score of 726
  3. International Education Stream — 41 invitations with no score requirement.

Out of all who were invited to apply, 150 had profiles in the Express Entry system.

Manitoba Draw September 15, 2022, tabular representation:




Minimum marks

September 15, 2022

Skilled Workers Manitoba




Skilled Workers Overseas




International Education Stream



Immigration initiatives in Manitoba

The MPNP manages Manitoba's immigration programs and assists with immigration applications to the federal government. Although Canadian regions cannot grant exceptionally long-term resident status, they can expedite an application by assigning routine tasks.

To be nominated by Manitoba, you must submit an Expression of Interest to the MPNP. You can next use the Skilled Workers in Manitoba and Skilled Workers Abroad programs to apply for an LAA.

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Then, based on their connections to the region and many aspects of their human resources, Manitoba assigns competitors a score out of 1,000.

Using the streams for Skilled Workers in Manitoba and Skilled Workers Overseas, the province can discover persons who match the demands of its labor market.

Candidates from outside Manitoba should demonstrate ties to the area, such as close family ties, prior employment experience there, or a letter from one of Manitoba's crucial enrolment initiatives. You don't have to live in Manitoba at the time of application to be eligible.

You cannot apply under the category of Skilled Workers in Manitoba unless you have a full-time job offer from a provincial company.

International graduates who complete their examinations in Manitoba might be welcomed under the Global Schooling Stream in the event that they can demonstrate that they have abilities that are popular.

Utilize the Manitoba PNP Points Calculator to determine your Express Entry score.

The Canadian permanent residency application management system known as Express Entry is used for the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, and the Canadian Experience Class.

You can skip the PNP process and get an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residency by completing an Express Entry application.

Having a provincial nomination does, however, all but guarantee that Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada will urge you to apply for Canadian permanent residence given the 600-point incentive.

When you submit your profile, the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), which considers factors including your age, work experience, education, and language proficiency among others, assigns you a ranking.

The top-scoring candidates receive invitations to submit applications for permanent residence through routine Express Entry draws.

You must first submit a profile to the Express Entry pool in order to ask Manitoba to nominate you for a provincial position.

Do you plan to apply to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) in 2022?

If you want to apply to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) in 2022 in order to get Canadian permanent residency, you should seek the aid of a legitimate, licensed immigration specialist to help you draft your application.

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