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Manitoba Invited 546 Total Applications Through Different Streams

Posted on: Wed, Dec 25 2019

Manitoba Invited 546 Total Applications Through Different Streams

Under its Expression of Interest System, Manitoba has conducted a latest draw issuing 148 invitations through its Express Entry stream. Manitoba issued the above stated number of invites in the form of LAAs (Letter of Advice to Apply) to Express Entry Candidates holding at least 6 months of working experience in a Job profile listed in Manitoba’s Occupation in-demand list.

The lowest-ranked Express Entry candidate invited had a ranking score under Manitoba’s Expression of Interest (EOI) system of 560.

In addition, 191 candidates under Skilled Worker in Manitoba Category and 64 candidates under Skilled Worker Overseas Stream, were also issued LAAs with lowest score of 647.

Moreover, 143 LAAs were issued to candidates complying the following requirements:

- A past education/ work experience or a relative residing in Manitoba

- Minimum 6 months of experience in a profile listed in Occupation in-demand list of Manitoba

- Minimum language proficiency of CLB 5

Candidates who got LAAs under the draw, can now claim 600 additional CRS. 

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