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IRCC Revoked Duration Limit For Provisional Temporary Workers In Canada

Sat, Dec 23 2017

IRCC Revoked Duration Limit For Provisional Temporary Workers In Canada

According to the recent confirmation by IRCC, it will revoke the cumulative duration regulation limit for provisional foreign workers during the time around coming spring. Under Section 200(3) (g), IRCC has rejected work permits to those foreign workers who have earlier worked in Canada for period ranging from one to four years; provided the applicant is meeting any one of the three exceptions.

The Canadian Government announced a temporary public policy in December 2016 that gave an exemption to the regulation, stating that the cumulative duration regulation limit “disproportionately targets certain sectors of the economy due to its application to lower-skilled and technical occupations in the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.”

The public policy notice further adds that the limit was designed “to prevent growth of a long-term temporary foreign worker movement of individuals who are unable to transition to permanent residence,” but had become unpopular with Canadian employers.

The elimination from the regulation was put in front by the House of Commons Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development as well as the Status of Persons with Disabilities.

 IRCC also declared in its public policy that “eliminating the effect of the regulation now will avoid further disruption of the seasonal worker movement, boost foreign workers to remain in status, and give more time to technical workers, who qualify, to transition to permanent residence.”

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