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Indian H1 B Holders In Us Want To Immigrate To Canada

Thu, Aug 30 2018

Indian H1 B Holders In Us Want To Immigrate To Canada

Indian Nationals who are on H1-B worker visa in US are choosing to shift from US to Canada permanently. With the current president rule in USA, H1-B visa is facing severe cuts and this is the reason of thousands Indian Nationals planning to move to their adjacent neighbor ‘Canada’ on permanent basis. By the grace of god, there are many immigration programs for the Indians planning to migrate to Canada permanently. The citizens of India have the highest success rate of immigration as compared to other countries- as per the recent survey

H1-B visa- American Visa great for Canadian Immigration

H1-B visa at one point of time was the most popular visa of United States prior to the election of President Trump in 2016. This visa allows US companies to hire foreign skilled workers to their companies who can meet their work requirements.  H1-B visa in the past decade was issued to nearly 3 million people out of which majority of them opted to work in tech-related fields. 65% of the Indian population received H1-B visas this showcased that the program was extremely popular among Indians.

With Donald Trump Presidential rule, H1-B visa program reduced severely. Under President Obama, 87% of H1-B visas were approved and on the other hand in 2017, Trump approved only 58%. The Trump administration also implemented new changes that made more difficult for H1-B visa holders to extend their stay. The H1-B visa is usually valid for maximum of 3 years.

While, United States of America is creating difficulties for the migrants willing to come in America, on the other hand, Canada is loosening its immigration policies to welcome more migrants coming to their country.

Indian Applicants are the most successful applicants for Canada Immigration

Year 2017 was the year of immigration of Indians in Canada as the maximum people got permanent residency of Canada. 42% applicants under Express Entry system were given PR of Canada in the same year. Not only this, the applicants having experience and tech-related occupations were also invited in huge numbers. They were equally successful along with Express Entry system.

Canada immigration department allows workers to apply directly for permanent basis to any of their immigration programs and if granted the permanent residency status, Canada gives the rights of freedom to applicants that allow them to live and work anywhere in Canada. The PR holders are also entitled to receive many benefits like social security benefits, free medical facilities.  Those on H1-B visa fin this attractive as they are bound to work for a particular employer whereas skilled migration of Canada has no boundations.

How can a skilled worker immigrate to Canada?

As a skilled worker on H1-B or any other work visa, the best possible option to migrate to Canada is through Express Entry and Provincial Nomination Programs. However, there are many options for the Indians to migrate to Canada as permanent residence.

Express Entry:

This is the most populsr immigration program that allows skilled and qualified workers to come and settle in the country. Minimum points are required to apply for Express Entry. The points are calculated for age, educational qualification, work experience, language ability and adaptability. Many Indians have already got entry to Canada through Express Entry.

Check your eligibility requirement for Express Entry

Provincial Nomination Programs

There are provinces in Canada that runs its own immigration programs and has different criteria to nominate the potential applicants. The province nominates according to their specific needs. The provinces of Canada that offer PNP are: Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, and British Columbia, all have tech-focused immigration programs

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