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In Support Of Multi-Year Immigration Plans, IRCC Will Receive A Sum Of $747 Million

Fri, Mar 23 2018

In Support Of Multi-Year Immigration Plans, IRCC Will Receive A Sum Of $747 Million

Under 2018’s Federal Budget, IRCC has scheduled a set amount of $747 million, in support of the Multi-year Immigration Plans (2018-2020). The given sum is a part of the overall amount of $875 million over six years of time that the federal government of Canada has set aside for the aforementioned immigration plans.

IRCC spokesperson Lindsay Kemp, over an email held that the additional amount of funds “will ensure that we continue to manage the immigration system carefully and responsibly,” adding that the largest proportion will be used for settlement services.

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“Settlement costs are formula driven,” Kemp added. “As Canada welcomes more newcomers, settlement costs increase proportionately.”

The remaining balance out of these extra costs will be utilised in support of IRCC and its security partners in order to process and screen additional applications for permanent residence, Kemp confirmed.

The cost involved in association with Canada’s multi-year immigration plan, will be partly counterbalanced by an increase in revenue from the fees from applicants for permanent residence visa.

IRCC also declared the division of the amount $747 million as follows:

  • $196 million distributed over five years for Temporary Foreign Workers Program mainly to be used for impromptu inspections, enduring the International Compliance Regime and gathering labour market data about open work permits, etc.
  • $32 million distributed over three years for a pilot project in provision of programming to eliminate potential employment blockades for newcomer women as a visible minority.
  • $17 million to process refuge claims in 2018-2019 connected with unbalancedimmigration at the Canada-United States border.

$7 million distributed over 5 years, and $800,000 per year constant, to establish the Start-up Visa Program as a permanent pathway for immigration in the country.

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