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Immigrate To Canada For Study Work - A Big Advantage

Immigrate To Canada For Study Work - A Big Advantage

Posted On: Wed, Nov 20 2019

Now, Canada is regarded as a residence to approx. 600,000 international students, as this becomes tripled from the past 10 years.

The population for international students of Canada becomes flourished and tripled if compared with the previous decade for 570,000 people in the 2018 year.

As per ICEF, Canada places at fourth rank among the leading host country concerning international students, behind the US, the UK along with Australia.

Due to the worldwide increase of international students, Canada is getting a higher intake to come and study. According to the estimation made by UNESCO, there is increasing in international students with 5.3 million in 2017 compared with 2 million in 2000.

Do I eligible to apply for Canada Study Visa?

Why give preference to Canada?

Currently, Canada becomes enticing as there exists a weak dollar. As the tuition fees for international students are more than paid by the students of Canada, it is observed as competitive comparing with paying tuition with living expenses in British pounds, American dollars and in Euros.

As per the CBIE (Canadian Bureau for International Education), the primary reason for international students to come to Canada is that the country offers quality education by Colleges and Universities of Canada.

The subsequent main factor is the big reputation of Canada for its open and welcoming society for newcomers. This facilitates Canada with an effective advantage due to the increase of anti-immigrant sentiment within another western country.

Moreover, Canada offers comprehensive study work immigrate package to international students. This considered as one big benefit.

Like other countries, Canada also allows international students to work part-time throughout their studies to be enabling to assist themselves financially.

The students, further eligible for Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) after completing Canadian education. This allows the students to live in Canada along with pursuing opportunities for full-time employment for up to 3 years.

Those international students who have the desire to settle within Canada will be awarded additional points through the federal Express Entry system. In addition to this, several provincial immigration pathways will be available to them.

What to be assumed for the coming years:

The population for Canada’s international students continues to rise because of the aforementioned reasons with demographic considerations.

The main demographic cohort for Canada’s universities new students has reduced because of the low birth rate of the country. This states that educational institutions of Canada will continue to depend on international students for sustaining their specific operations.

As of now, there are 54 % of international students to come to Canada from India. Diversification is considered an essential factor that helps Canada in building social and economic ties along with the rest of the world. It further, declines the risk of studying in other countries.

For 2019-2024, the federal government introduced a new international education strategy that seeks to welcome more international students from 11 topmost countries, namely, France, Vietnam, Brazil, Mexico, Philippines, Colombia, Turkey, Morocco, Ukraine, Indonesia, and Thailand.

In 2018, approx. 60,000 individuals from the mentioned 11 countries initiate to practice their education within Canada.

Due to the increased intake of international students, it will increase to become permanent residents because of several immigration pathways provided to them. There are 25 % of approx. 90,000 individuals who have received federal invitation to apply for PR by Express Entry.

Therefore, numerous positive events can be assumed in upcoming years to live and study in Canada.

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