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‘’Immigrants Earn More In Canada’’-Federal Study On Post Arrival Of Skilled Workers

Thu, Apr 19 2018

‘’Immigrants Earn More In Canada’’-Federal Study On Post Arrival Of Skilled Workers

As per a recent report of Government of Canada, highly skilled immigrants are paid higher than an average Canadian soon after they arrive in the country. The report is resultant of economic and social condition of newcomers in Canada through different immigration classes of economic, family and refugee.

The report further says that all immigrants are performing well in Canadian economy.

However, those immigrants who are highly skilled are earning well-equal or even more than what a Canadian skilled worker is earning. These immigrants are also reported to have lead Canada’s top Managerial and Professional positions.

Canada Immigration model through which skilled workers make their way to the country-Express Entry Program, also gives extra CRS while the candidate is still in the pool waiting fort selection, and get a Job opportunity from Canada.

This change, introduced in 2016, is making skilled workers searching Jobs through various portals and thus becoming employed with a decent pay soon after arriving in country as Permanent Resident.

Earlier in 2015, when Express Entry was introduced, there were no extra points for arranged employment in Canada. It was following an amendment in 2016, that makes any skilled candidates has extra points for a Job offer letter from a Canadian employer. 

It has also been found that these skilled workers are having more sense of belongingness to Canada than any Canada born/Canadian citizenship has!

Isn’t this report a silent promoter of Canada immigration applications?

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