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Handful Of Spots Filled By Nova Scotia Under New Immigration Program

Wed, Feb 14 2018

Handful Of Spots Filled By Nova Scotia Under New Immigration Program

Nova Scotia under The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Launched in March 2017 was designed to bring more skilled workers to Canada by identifying their skills and educational qualifications. Not only did they identify the employers but also reduced the applicant processing time from six months or less. The joint federal provincial program in 2017, designated 2000 spaces for the four Atlantic Provinces and this program will also run in the current year.

The executive director of the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration Suzanne Ley, Said, “Nova Scotia had a quota of 792 spaces in 2017 but only filled 201 of those spots”. Furthermore, she added, “"It's common in Year 1 for low uptake for immigration programs. It's important to understand it can often take several years for a new immigration program to fully ramp up”.

In 2017, the quota for New Brunswick was 646 people and out of those 487 foreign workers received job offers under the pilot. However, in 2018 it will be increased by 800.
Prince Edward has already filled its allotment of 120 people, and has further endorsed 15 people so far this month.
The low numbers of the allotment in Atlantic Immigration Pilot is a little disappointment. Ley further added that she is clueless about the quota of spaces for 2018, but she expects her office will process more applications as compared to the last year because she has partnered with three development agencies to try to promote the immigration pilot to employers.

To promote the program, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency has chipped in $300,000 for the Cape Breton Business Partnership, the Halifax Partnership and the Western Regional Enterprise Network.

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