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For Quality Of Lives Of Canadians, Federal And BC Provincial Government Join Hands To Invest Significant Amount

Tue, Apr 03 2018

For Quality Of Lives Of Canadians, Federal And BC Provincial Government Join Hands To Invest Significant Amount

The federal government of Canada along with British Columbia’s Provincial government, planned to sprout economic growth, withstand good-paying Jobs and support low on carbon, green economy. To take this to implementation stage, both the governments will make a long-term investment in infrastructure and other required sectors.

These all deeds, in amalgamation, would lead to a decent quality of lives for Canadians.

On 3rd of April 2018, The Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, Mr. AmarjeetSohi and The Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, Mr. Claire Trevena has made announcement of signing the pact, which is bilateral in nature.

According to the pact, a sum of over $4.1 billion will be invested for this infrastructural project. This amount will be collectively borne by governments of Canada, British Columbia and other municipalities and partners.

This multi-billion investment aims to heed the following results in the near future:

1)     Easy flow of people and goods from one place to another

2)     Lesser travel time from one place to another

3)     Smarter cities

4)     Efficient Public systems

5)     Reduced level of greenhouse gas omission

6)     Sustainable water consumption

7)     Improvements in Public utilities such as Parks and other recreational spaces

8)     Advanced transportation as well as infrastructure for people who are not well-connected with big cities

9)     Reduced usage of Diesel and increased energy security


In a stern hope that these steps will lead to better-quality life of people in Canada, let us look at different immigration routes to the country.

Federal Program Express Entry

Provincial Nomination Programs

British Columbia Provincial Nomination Programs

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