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Express Entry Next Draw Prediction 2019

Tue, Dec 11 2018

Express Entry Next Draw Prediction 2019

Express Entry- the most sought after federal program: Canada Immigration’s most popular program Express Entry invites skilled workers every year to let them come, work and settle. The by-fact aim is development of Canadian economy. Express Entry took birth in the year 2015. Based on a Comprehensive Ranking System, it considers those who are capable of performing and contributing their skills towards the betterment of the economy. Thus, it takes into account the following credentials of an individual:

  1. Age
  2. Work experience
  3. Education
  4. Language proficiency

Based on the points allotted to candidates on the aforesaid factors, CIC conducts rounds of invitations. In each draw, high ranking candidates from the pool get selected.

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Every year, thousands of skilled workers migrate to Canada. But one question that remains intact in the minds of immigration aspirants is what will be the next Express Entry Draw?

Upcoming Express Entry Draw Prediction

Based on certain factors, we can foresee the upcoming Express Entry Draws.

Canada is the second largest country in the world. But talking demographically, it is sparsely populated. Also, Canada’s two biggest hurdles in its economic growth are:

  1. Aging Population
  2. Low birth rate

The only effective solution now Canada has, is to welcome large scale of immigrants and make Canada a competitive economy in terms of long term prosper and growth.

Canadian government’s Advisory Council on Economic Growth has also recommended that Canada should increase its Immigration levels up to 450,000 by 2021 to stimulate the economy and work against the two hurdles that are currently chewing the country.

Adding to this, Director of Skills and Immigration, Canada, Patrick Snider quoted that higher immigration levels can bring potential for increased business and therefore, a boost in Canada’s competitiveness. He further suggested that government should focus more on immigrant’s skills and job profile, rather than on educational abilities and other technical aspects.

To conclude, therefore, it can be predicted that next/upcoming draws are going be softer and more fulfilling. Canada is in big need to have best skillset now, and it will take every necessary step to make arrangement for it.

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